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I grow a tree in the yard and limit the view of my very nosy neighbor – he cut it down and now I'm smoking


One woman thought she had found the perfect way to avoid snooping on her nosy neighbors. That is, from vacation to return.

An anonymous woman shared a way to grow a tree to limit the view of her nosy neighbor's garden, but when she returned home from her holiday. , He cut her tree and still look over her. In a post on

Mumsnet, the woman wrote: Recently divorced single mother).

"My neighbors are generally really kind. Fly around to feed cats, take out the trash, and help with deadlocked work when you're away. 

"But my neighbor is incredibly noisy. For example, when I was sunbathing on a trampoline, he sent me a text message that I slept for a while. "I noticed", so I checked if I was okay.

She adds that both she and his wife told him to stop sniffing into her yard through the window in the spare bedroom upstairs.

Continuing, she wrote: I went home a few days away on Christmas, so I see it cut to a level above a 6-foot fence.

"It's not a huge tree, but it helps when growing (if allowed)."

Next, she tells fellow Mumsnet users in this situation. Ask for advice on how to deal with it.

One user replied: Cut only the branches overhanging your tree across the garden, borders !!

"If he cuts the top, I will buy me a new-higher-tree I'll tell him I need it and I've deliberately hurt yours !!! "

Another person wrote: Then tell them that it's growing and you don't want to cut it in the future. I wasn't there, so I thought I might have seen a suspicious person at Christmas.

"My new tree has been destroyed and I'm thinking of letting the police know," said the third suggestion.

Others have suggested that the mother find a new person to feed the cat and find someone to help the cat.

Similarly, one comment provider wrote: