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I’m constantly trolled over my saggy boobs, women say they’ve put them off having kids for life but I’m not even a mum

A WOMAN has slammed trolls who have sent her hate because of her body scars and weight - with some going as far as saying she makes them not want to have children.

Nelly is an influencer who regularly posts body-positive content and discusses a myriad of self-love topics on her account.

She also shares photos of herself unfiltered, which has led to her accumulating 434k loyal followers. While this is most often applauded, there are some trolls who send her vile messages because of it.

Even though Nelly hasn't had any children herself, some people have said her body has discouraged them from having them.

The influencer recently shared a photo of the stretch marks on her breasts and edited one particularly nasty comment she received over the top.


The comment read: "Nahhh this ain't it and this is why I'm scared to have kids, I'd look like this."

Proving she wasn't going to let such rudeness slide, Nelly shared her thoughts in the caption of the post.

She said: "Now this really annoys me, partly because of the extreme level of ignorance but also because of the assumption that only bodies that have experienced pregnancy can look like this.

"I have not had any children, this is just now my body looks. I have stretch marks on my boobs, they’re a bit saggy, I also have cellulite on my stomach and some extra skin, but that is not because I’ve had a baby, it’s just my body.

"Comments like this are obviously stupid, but I think the idea that bodies are only allowed to appear ‘flawed’ if they have given birth is actually pretty common. Anyway, let’s not assume people have had babies based on how their body looks. Okay love you (not the person you left this comment)."

This isn't the first time that Nelly has spoken out about the hate that she's received.

She previously uploaded a photo of her body with her breast reduction scars visible and another vile comment edited into the image.

The comment read: "Do you not look back at your old photos and realise how much you've let yourself go?"

Nelly proved that the question didn't phase her in her response.

"Honestly? No, I truly, genuinely don’t (anymore). The idea of letting our bodies “go” is one of those weird concepts that we just accept as a thing, but actually it really shouldn’t be a thing at all," she said.

"Bodies change in so many ways throughout our lives, constantly, we are literally never still, because we are not supposed to be still. Having a body that changes as we grow is a privilege and a blessing, I will never again allow myself to feel bad for changing in any type of way.

"We’ve only got one body and it’s ours for life, don’t forget to cherish it."

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