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I’m an ex-Maxim model and was ‘drugged and raped at lunch with a photographer & forced to sleep with my agent for work’

A FORMER Maxim model claims she was “drugged and raped” at a lunch with a photographer and felt forced to sleep with her agent for work.

Nikki DuBose was one of the biggest models in the early 2000s often seen on the covers of Maxim and Glamour. 

But now she’s revealing in an interview that her former agent encouraged her to be anorexic and only gave her work if she slept with him.

DuBose says she was “pressured into being skinnier” and that her agency “didn’t care about her mental or physical health.”

“I was a fashion model for many years, very successful, and unfortunately I saw the darkest side of the industry,” she said.

DuBose added that she felt “pressured” by the director of her agency into sleeping with him multiple times.

“And when I did, I worked more. But when I didn’t, the work stopped coming.”

She also said she was “drugged and raped” at a lunch with a photographer that left her “completely inhuman and traumatized.”

The result of the alleged abuse left DuBose with “eating disorders and body dysmorphia.”

“I think the modeling agency definitely exacerbated my problems,” she said.

DuBose called modeling a “psychologically damaging industry” saying she worked the most when she was at her sickest with anorexia nervosa.

“I weighed only 90lbs yet everyone around me just glamorized it. They told you, ‘You look so amazing, you’re the most beautiful girl we’ve ever seen.’”

Currently, DuBose is the founder of an eating disorder recovering coaching service called Live ED Free. She also attends Meridian University for a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. 

She authored a book in 2016 titled, Washed Away: From Darkness to Light, where she discussed her battle with eating disorders, depression and sexual abuse. 

“It’s time to come together and stop the abuse against women in all industries,” she said.

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