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I’m a mum-of-eight & converted an old church into our home, we fit three of our teen daughters in one room

A MUM-OF-EIGHT has revealed how she squeezes three of her teenage daughters in one bedroom.

The mum, from the US, has converted an old church into her family's home - and transformed the top of the house into her daughters' bedroom.

She shared a video of how the three girls fit in the narrow room - which impressively still gives them their own space and privacy.

Posting on their TikTok channel, All Surreal, the mum tours through the bedroom offering savvy space-saving hacks to use.

She said: "With eight kids everyone shares rooms, we've tried to design them in a way that each person has their own personal space."

The mum explains the room has an awkward entry way which they have tried to make the most of by using it as a space to store their clothes in wardrobes and chest of drawers - which the girls share.

Because the room is long and narrow, they had to get creative when it came to putting the beds in.

They decided to build the beds into the walls, and inserted drawers underneath to maximise space.

Each of the beds has its own set of curtains so that her three daughters can have a private area to hang out.

Inside each of the bed spaces, there are lights and shelves, so the girls can keep the lights on without disturbing their sisters.

At the end of the room, the girls have a shared space which includes a bench that their dad made and a dressing table to get ready on.

The savvy mum has done so much with the tiny space that there's even room for one of her daughters to keep her pet ferret in there.

Viewers of the video, which has gone viral with over 360k views, were seriously impressed by the use of space.

One wrote: "This is literally genius I'm so impressed!"

"Beautiful job! so cosy," added another viewer.

Since then, the mum has uploaded other videos of each of her daughters showing their spaces, and while they seem happy to share some users thought otherwise.

One added: "There's no privacy at all. do you know how old and upsetting that gets as a teenage girl?"

"Like if you don’t have room for kids don’t have so many kids," another said.

But many viewers supported the mum, one wrote: "Why are you lot acting like it’s the end of the world to share a room… it’s not uncommon nor is it affordable for everyone."