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I am a fashion expert. The nine mistakes you make make you look old.

According to one fashion expert, there are some fashion mistakes you may have made that make you look older. There is a possibility.

Elderly fashionista Heather,Awesome over 50says women of all ages look stylish, but many actually get older You are making a serious mistake that you can make.

To show these mistakes, Heather wears the look of a typical middle-aged or older airport that women can wear. A bold floral conservative shirt with a bow, capri pants, brown shoes and white socks.

She adds that this outfit has many problems that can actually age your appearance.

This style of blouse may be suitable for business and other work, but it looks particularly bad in other situations, she says, "too conservative."

The second problem with blouses is the large, large floral pattern. Heather said: She says, "I know there are a lot of young people wearing this look, but when I wear it, I just say" grandmother. "

Another mistake in this outfit is hidden in the leather belts and blouses worn by many women.

"This leather belt doesn't do anything to the look of my clothes, or of course to my belly," says a fashion professional.

Add that these belts shrink and look outdated, as if they were pushed into a blouse.

Mistake 4 is wearing low-rise underwear, especially if these are the wrong colors for your outfit.

According to Heather, it is better to wear low-rise underwear. If you are wearing white bottoms, these should also be light colors.

Perhaps the biggest mistake in this look is Capri itself. "Why are they still making these trousers?" Asks Heather.

"They are unattractive and cut you off at the thickest part of the calf," she says, saying that instead you need to wear long trousers, some shorts or a skirt. Suggests.

One of the common fake Heather emphasizes is that at some point we may all be guilty of wearing black shoes with white trousers.

Instead, according to the guru of this style, if the bottoms are white, you really need to wear light-colored shoes.

Another mistake people make with footwear is to wear socks that are visible on the shoes.

Heather nevertheless added that the socks must be completely eliminated. She instead suggests a socket where she can protect your feet and prevent the smell of shoes while remaining invisible.

If you are guilty of wearing this "airport look", Heather suggests instead wearing a non-daring blouse and long white trousers with some white trainers. .. 

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Don't forget Remove the blouse that leaves and hide the socks.

Going beyond this look, Heather has two more mistakes women make.

Regarding wearing the look of a monochromatic pant suit first, fashion experts say:

Instead, she says, you need to wear dark trousers, such as jeans, and a light-colored blouse under the blazer. This makes her look much younger.

The last mistake Heather makes for women is to choose the wrong type of sunglasses.

"Sunglasses are very important to protect our eyes, but we can also make and break clothes," Heather argues.

She added that a functional but non-fashionable style might help, but she recommends trying the trendy aviator style instead. This completely changes her appearance and makes her look younger.