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I’m a ‘cool’ teacher but parents hate my methods – kids can retake tests till they pass & don’t have to sit in lessons

A SCHOOL teacher explained the methods he uses that "people can't stand", including letting students retake tests until they pass.

In the short video on TikTok he listed off his three most controversial opinions.

He said: "Things that people can't stand about my classroom.

"My students can re-take a quiz/test as many times as they need to.

"Building relationships is my classroom management strategy.

"My students are rarely in their seats while learning."

The video, which was uploaded with the caption "You can’t learn unless you’re in a seat", quickly went viral and has now been liked more than 1.8million times.

One approving viewer commented: "Retaking forces you to look at mistakes and learn. A one time fail and move on teaches nothing."

Mr B agreed, he said: "By the time you're a surgeon, you should be a master at al. In 3, 4, and 5 grade, they are LEARNING."

Plenty of commenters agreed with his methods.

One said: "Them not having to sit in their seats is HUGE. Especially for us with ADHD. I find I can focus better if I'm walking around."


Another said: "It's called being a teacher. Learning each kid and knowing how to properly teach them. I respect you."

A third person said: "Honestly I understand letting students retake quizzes. But how does it make the students who make 100s the first time feel? I've never considered that."

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