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I’m A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson breaks his silence after brutal attack at celeb hangout Sheesh in Essex

I’M A Celebrity’s Myles Stephenson has broken his silence after a brutal attack at celeb hangout Sheesh in Essex.

The Sun's Bizarre column exclusively revealed the 28-year-old was set upon by a gang of thugs while enjoying drinks with friends at showbiz haunt Sheesh in Chigwell, Essex, this week.

But taking to his Instagram Stories today, Myles reassured fans that he was OK.

Filming himself topless, the Rak-Su singer said: "Just a quick message to say thank you to everyone asking if I’m alright and if my friends are alright.

"As you can see I’m perfectly fine there’s not a bruise on my body. We are good.

"My friends are all good as well, me and my boys weren’t hurt. That’s all you need to know.

"We’re good and we’re healthy."

Onlookers say as many as nine men took exception to where Myles had decided to sit, and promptly urged him to move by shoving their arms into his face.

One witness said: “It blew up in a couple of seconds. Myles seemed to have sat down with his friends in an area where these other guys seemed to think they had already reserved. Rather than talk about it quietly, they went straight in for a fight.

“A few seconds later Myles had been whacked several times in the face and body and his friends had stepped in to try and help protect him too, but they were massively outnumbered.

"It was awful to watch and a ridiculous overreaction given what had happened.

“Security quickly intervened and had to manhandle the gang out of the bar before somebody got seriously hurt, and then kept Myles’ group inside because they were kicking off outside.

"Glass bottles were being smashed and some cars were damaged too — people were calling for the police.”

Sources say Myles was shaken but bravely stood his ground. A pal added: “Nobody could understand what had started it or whether they targeted Myles deliberately.”

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