Arlene Phillips have opened up to her I'm A Celebrity co-stars about a cruel remark she was hit with after becoming a mum again at the age of 47, which left her dreading the school run.

On Wednesday night, millions of viewers got to see this year's campmates reunited after spending days, following their removal from the set at Gwrych Castle due to the impact of Storm Arwen on the show's production base.

As well as Naughty Boy doing the latest trial, with some help from late arrivals Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson and Ant and Dec exposing the contraband items the stars had attempted to smuggle back in the castle from quarantine, they had a discussion about age.

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Having a candid conversation with the rest of the I'm A Celebrity line-up, the now 78-year-old explained "“My daughter Abi, I remember dreading, absolutely dreading taking her to school, age 4, and having to explain, ‘No, I’m her mother not her grandmother. I was 47 when I had her.’”

Speaking about Arlene in the Telegraph and being full of praise for her, Arlene said: “Arlene was talking about the fact that she always felt a little bit self-conscious at school with her daughter because she was an older mum.

"And it just blows my mind that that was ever an issue for her. The fact that she’s here, she’s 78, going through all of this with us, she’s still dancing around and I imagine back then she was exactly the same.

I'm A Celebrity's Arlene Phillips hurt by cruel remark about her having a child at 47
I'm A Celebrity's Arlene Phillips hurt by cruel remark about her having a child at 47

"I get where she’s coming from but I don’t think she’s got anything to worry about.”

Back in camp, Arlene went onto recall the hurtgul remark that had the biggest impact on her, telling her campmates: "“When I went to mother and baby class in Primrose Hill, my obstetrician came up and whispered - I can never forget this - he kneeled down and said: ‘Have no fear it will get better because you really should be a grandmother, so you’re going to have to find ways to understand how to be a mother again.’”

A gobsmacked Adam asked: “How hard did you hit him?” to which Arlene replied: “I stood up, all my 5ft3 and went…. ," before she mimicked herself crying.

She then added: “Why it hurt so much, was because, having a baby naturally at 47 and thinking it was the menopause for 4/5 months… I can’t be pregnant/ why am I so sick?”

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