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I’m A Celebrity’s AJ Pritchard is vain and spends hours staring at himself in the mirror, says girlfriend Abbie

AJ Pritchard loves checking himself out as much as the rest of the nation does when he gets nude on I'm A Celeb.

The dancer's girlfriend, Abbie Quinnen, says AJ's cheeky shower display has helped him win fans and she thrilled to be sharing his best bits with viewers.

AJ, 26, thrilled fans when he stripped naked for a shower on the ITV reality series and they got to see his very toned derriere.

“I couldn’t believe he stripped naked in the shower,” Abbie, 22 told the Mirror.

“He showed everyone his bum. He’s very proud of it."

“I got so many messages from people. They’ve fallen in love with his bum as much as I have.

She also admitted AJ was just as in love with his body as everybody else.

“But he’s so vain. He lifts up his shirt and constantly looks at himself in the mirror and uses his curl cream and moisturises every day. He is good- looking though," Abbie explained.

“Now I have to share him with the nation, and they love him.”

Abbie has been in a relationship with the professional dancer since May 2018 and revealed AJ has been showering her with gifts despite being locked up in the I'm A Celeb castle

“He’s been sending gifts to me. He arranged them all before he went in. One was a stay at posh Oxfordshire spa, Soho Farmhouse.

“I also got some flowers and a candle. It’s so romantic.

“I’m very impressed as he’s never been this romantic before. I’m wondering what he’s up to.”

Supporting her handsome beau from home, Abbie's shocked to see him doing so well in the gruelling challenges because “he’s such a wuss normally.”

“He’s scared of everything – the dark, heights, small spaces… and his scream is more high pitched than mine," she said.

“I have a video of him screaming as a spider is running along the bed.

“In challenges where he doesn’t know what he’s putting his hand into, he’d be comedy gold.”

Friday night's challenge saw AJ bravely get through the Chambers of Horrors challenge as bugs were poured over his head alongside Shane Richie.

The young couple has also faced some ghostly encounters with the other world while in lockdown, before AJ even went into the reportedly haunted Gwyrch Castle.

It was 5am and I heard the radio on full blast downstairs. It had randomly turned on. I woke AJ up. We were so freaked out. He was terrified.”

Meanwhile, AJ is struggling to cope with 'dirty' Shane Richie in the castle because of his OCD, says Abbie.

The former Strictly pro has clashed with the ex-EastEnders star in recent days over the washing up.

Abbie admitted when it comes to cleaning AJ regularly re-cleans their flat after she has gone over it.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "You know what it is, it's that AJ has got OCD - he's constantly cleaning the flat.

I'm A Celebrity's AJ Pritchard sends girlfriend flowers despite being in the castle as she insists he is '100% not gay'

"If I do something he normally re-does it. He loves to take care of people and he would want the clean dishes for the camp, and for the camp to be perfect for everyone.

"I do think he will keep his calm, but I think if someone really annoys him he is not afraid to say what he thinks."

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