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I’m A Celebrity’s Adele Roberts reveals her two stone weight loss transformation after quitting sugar

I'M A Celebrity's Adele Roberts has revealed her two stone weight loss transformation after giving up sugar.

The Radio One presenter says she "woke the f*** up" and changed her life after reaching 12 and a half stone in 2017.

She swapped chocolate bars for protein bars and replaced white baps for sourdough bread after vowing to shift the weight.

To celebrate losing 28lbs in 12 months, Adele launched a YouTube channel in November 2018 called The Fakeaway Factory Past, Present & Future.

She shared her weight loss journey with fans, by kicking off with a throwback photograph of her at her heaviest.

The 40-year-old said: "That's all Adele used to do. Eat cake every day. I was on the sugar slide to hell."

I'm a Celebrity's Adele Roberts has to eat pig uterus and Roman Kemp eats duck tongues in Just Desserts Bushtucker Trial

Urging viewers to give up sugar by avoiding fast food and getting active for just seven minutes a day.

She wrote on Instagram: "Hi everybody! Past Adele just wanted to wish you a very happy #throwbackthursday.

"I’ve just told her she’s going to run two marathons in the future. She’s just pissed herself laughing and gone straight to the bottom shelf on that cake stand.

"It’s never too late to change. Going to take her back to this very spot one day and recreate this photo.

"Just need to find that bloody t-shirt. It was my favourite. Wore it for Kate’s birthday.

"Thought I was being dead fancy because it’s got Nike in gold on it.

"Currently telling the story of how this little cherub went from cake stands to WAKING THE F*** UP."

She used a free app online to kick-start her fitness by pledging to exercise seven minutes a day before building up to 10,000 steps and 30 minute workouts a day.

Adele then ended up doing a body building documentary after impressing show bosses who spotted her weight loss journey.

On I'm A Celebrity last night, Adele was forced to break away from her normal diet and try to swallow  vomit fruit, turkey testicles and sheep's foot in a gruelling Bushtucker Trial.

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