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I’m A Celebrity – LIVE reactions as Caitlyn Jenner shuts down Kate Garraway in front of the entire camp

Caitlyn Jenner didn’t beat about the bush last night. The diva snubbed Kate Garraway when the TV host asked if she would remember her campmates when she was back in swanky LA.

Caitlyn wasn’t messing about. She pouted and shook her head as if to say, Hell no.
Caitlyn added: “When the show’s over, boom – I’m gone.”

The show might not even be over before ‘boom, she’s gone’. Let’s wait and see…
Also last night Adele and Roman smashed the Dessert challenge – quite annoyingly well actually. We wanted to see actual spew. VOMIT. Were they so hungry it wasn’t that bad?

At one point the ghost of Jane McDonald appeared and boosted Adele’s spirits, helping her eat her way to victory, chowing down on intestines and anus.

Roman, on the other hand, gingerly devoured a penis which he described being as big as his camp mate James’.

They enjoyed delights like Licky Toffee Pudding and Tirami-spew to win TEN stars for the camp. God damn it. We want them more hangry.
Maybe they’re used to eating anus?

Ian Wright snapped as he became the world’s heavyweight in the hangriest man.
Poor Andrew tried to feed him more kangaroo (mmmm, YUM), but he wasn’t having any of it and F-bombed him to silence. 

We found out that two new arrivals, EastEnders former actor Cliff Parisi and Corrie's Andy Whyment are on their way in.

But what will that do to the jungle dynamics? Will they turn on them? Will they BFF them?

Or will Ian throw Cliff on the fire and turn to cannibalism? Now that would make good tele.

Will Jane McDonald ever turn up and fulfil Adele’s NON RANDOM obsession?
Will Caitlyn J finally let rip and cremate the Kardashians?

Will Girls Aloud’s Nadine snap and tell us Cheryl et al are worse than kangaroo anuses?

Here’s hoping…

Football news:

Klopp on young players: the best Should play. We do not give away Premier League matches as gifts or sweets
Barnes on Manchester United's fight for the Premier League next season: Nonsense. They are far behind Liverpool and Manchester City
Messi leaves Barca for at least the fourth time. For sure, everything will end up with a reconciliation and a new contract again
Atletico has introduced a new home kit. It is red and white with a blue collar
Milik agrees to move to Juventus. Napoli can get Bernardeschi or Pellegrini
Real Madrid players and coaches will not receive bonus payments if they win La Liga or the Champions League
Griezmann's sister will meet with Barca's management. They can discuss the player's transfer to another club