Victoria Derbyshire took on the latest I'm A Celebrity trial on Sunday night, going it alone for the first time.

Hosts Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly set the scene, discussing the trial which was said to be featuring "scary animals".

But viewers were left double-taking, when said scary animal looked a lot like a dog in a cage.

It was in fact a wolf, Ant and Dec confirmed, as Victoria was required to collect a star hanging around its collar.

Viewers were sure it was a dog though, despite the hosts saying otherwise.

Victoria Derbyshire took on the latest I'm A Celebrity trial

Taking to Twitter, many fans were completely baffled to see such a change to the trials.

Others suggested the trials were "getting worse", with them used to critters and snakes and the rest.

One fan said: "These trials are getting worse got to get a star from a dog in a f**king cage."

I'm A Celebrity fans said 'the trials were getting worse' after seeing a 'dog' feature

Another tweeted: "Showing all the critters Camera pans to a doggo. Me: A DOG!?"

A third added: "Did I just see a dog in an #ImaCeleb trial or am I going mad?"

Meanwhile, a fourth said: "Has someone brought their pet dog in for a trial."

Ant and Dec revealed the 'dog' was in fact a wolf

Others were loving the beautiful wolf, confessing they would never have got past it in the trial.

One viewer said: "If I was Victoria I’d just sit there and cuddle the dog."

Another commented: "I’d like to vote for that dog as my favourite to win pls."

I'm A Celebrity airs every night at 9pm on ITV.