Pictures have revealed the scale of damage caused to the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! base during Storm Arwen.

Earlier this week ITV bosses were forced to cancel the live scheduled programming for Friday (November 26) due to adverse weather conditions.

It was the first time an episode had been cancelled in 19 years.

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Repairs on site on Sunday
The storm has caused a lot of disruption to the show

That evening the region faced an amber "threat to life" weather warning, which brought winds of up to 80mph, causing damage and disruption which is still being felt today, North Wales Live reports.

During the storm, the production marquees at Gwrych Castle in Abergele sustained "significant damage".

The base experienced severe technical issues due to the damage, and ITV was forced to also cancel the scheduled programming for Saturday and Sunday as well.

As a result, all but a skeleton crew of "essential staff" were evacuated from the site.

At least the spider didn't blow away

Initially, the celebrities remained at the castle but ITV producers later reversed their decision and the campmates were also removed from the castle.

The celebrities have returned to the quarantine rules that they had in place before entering the castle for the first time, and are now isolating on their own.

ITV confirmed that once production is safe to continue, the celebrities will return to the castle and the show will resume.

But sources have said the show could be pushed back or even cancelled indefinitely to try and figure out what was and wasn't damaged.

At the moment there is no timescale for the quarantine or how long it will take for the damage caused to be repaired.

Insiders told The Sun Newspaper that the show could be delayed for a long time as they try and understand "where they go from here" after the damage from the storm during the weekend.

The source allegedly said: “This is a crushing blow. No one anticipated the disaster that this storm would cause and it has completely blindsided us.

“The worst damage is to one of our three production areas — the tent where we keep the scanners, the TV editing suite, the production office and our IT equipment. From the outside, it is wrecked.

“At the moment, we still don’t know what the damage done to the equipment is, as we can’t go in until it has been declared safe.

“But we need time to get everything fixed and the break buys us some time. We are hoping against hope it will be enough and that we can return on Monday.

“To go ahead then, we also need the green light to bring more staff back on set. But at the moment, nothing is guaranteed.”

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