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I’m A Celebrity 2021 – David Ginola pokes fun at Naughty Boy before he takes on trial with Frankie Bridge

I'M A Celebrity's Frankie Bridge is forced to drink a glass containing deer testicles in a stomach-churning Bushtucker Trial tonight.

The Saturdays singer gags as she chugs the gruesome drink in a teaser clip from Thursday's episode of the ITV show.

The pair will be seen taking part in tonight's Castle Scary-oke and will be tasked with having to down some revolting drinks at the castle camp's karaoke bar.

In a glimpse at the episode, presenter Declan Donelly tells Frankie: "Frankie, it’s over to you. Blended deer testicle, just reminding you of that."

The mum-of-three pauses halfway through to compose herself - but looks ready to puke.

Read our I'm A Celeb live blog below for the latest news and gossip...

  • Danny's dreams come true!

    Emmerdale's Danny Miller couldn't believe his luck yesterday when he found out that he was sharing a bed next to footie legend David Ginola.

    And his excitement continued this morning, saying it was a 'dream' come true.

  • Simon breaking the rules!

    Corrie legend Simon Gregson has shocked fans by breaking the rules and taking in contraband wich could be used to spice up the fod.

    What a cheeky rule breaker!

  • Frankie leave fans queasy!

    A quick preview clip of Frankie Bridge gagging on tonight's show has already left fans feeling "queasy".

    One wrote: "Seeing Frankie throw up makes me sick. I can't look."

    "I feel queasy looking at Frankie gag," another shared.

  • I'm a Celeb....get on TV now!

    Tune in at 9pm for tonight's instalment of I'm a Celeb and catch up on all antics from the campmates.

  • Love Island's Scott Thomas wants to see pal Danny Miller 'squirm'

    Love Island's Scott Thomas is desperate to see his mate Danny Miller "cry" and "squirm" in trials.

    The reality star has urged fans to vote for the Emmerdale actor for the upcoming Bushtucker trials.

    Speaking on Instagram, he said: "I've been told he's been made a deputy, we need to start getting him on some of the challenges, let's start voting.

    "We need to see him squirm, we need to see him cry, the guy is scared of everything.

    "Sack Naughty Boy, let's get Danny on the challenges."

  • Simon Gregson: ‘I was beaten up & spat on after joining Corrie’

    I’M A Celebrity’s Simon Gregson has revealed the shocking abuse he received in the street after joining the cast of Coronation Street.

    Opening up to his campmates, the actor said he was physically attacked, spat at and had abuse hollered at him by viewers.

    Simon said: “It was difficult for a while to adjust. It’s like, ‘This isn’t what I planned for myself and I do not like it’.”

    Shocked, fellow I’m A Celeb star Kadeena Cox asked if he really didn’t like it.

    “I hated it!” he said. “The fame side of it, I hated. It was really negative feedback, getting beaten up, spat at, property being damaged.”

    As his campmates gasped, Simon added: “It was shocking.”

    Simon was then shown talking in the Telegraph, where he said: “I was never a fan of the limelight, but it turned out nice in the end.

    “I’m here in a castle eating rice and beans!”

    Simon landed the part of Steve McDonald in 1989 and he has played the hapless character ever since.

  • I’m A Celeb star Adam Woodyatt’s rarely seen daughter poses with her American fiancé

    I'M A Celeb star Adam Woodyatt's rarely seen daughter Jessica beamed as she cosied up to her fiance DJ by a waterfall.

    Earlier this year Adam revealed how Jessica, 28, would be tying the knot in November next year.

    The eldest of his two children keeps her life private online, but she looked very happy in the picturesque snap by a waterfall.

    An online wedding invitation for the couple says they will wed in their favourite New York coffee shop, and there will be beer and fizz for guests before the ceremony.

  • Louise Minchin & Dan Walker supportive of each other

    It's clear they support each other in their respective careers, with Louise encouraging her social media followers to vote for Dan in Strictly Come Dancing.

    But, as is protocol for I'm a Celeb, Louise couldn't tell Dan she was moving into the castle this year. She said: "I didn’t tell Dan Walker I was doing I’m A Celebrity before coming to Wales but I don’t think he will be surprised.

    "He knows me well and I think he will be both excited and nervous for me. I have been voting for him on Strictly so fingers crossed he will vote for me a lot."

    Dan reacted to the news on social media, promising his "phone bill is going to be enormous".

    Louise even has hilarious nicknames for the two of them: Little and Large - but Dan is Little!

  • 'Being a mother and a grandmother means the world to Arlene' says daughter

    Arlene Phillips daughter Alana has shared a series of sweet throwback snaps of her mum Arlene.

    The choreographer looked sensational in the timeless photos and gave fans a glimpse of Arlene's family life.

    They captioned the post: "Being a mother and now grandmother means the world to Arlene.

    "When Alana Phillips arrived Arlene was in the midst of choreographing a film and was back on set with beautiful newborn in her arms a week later...who is now an amazing mother to Arlene's two granddaughters."

  • Arlene Phillips dreaded taking kids to school because she was ‘older mum’

    Dame Arlene Phillips has said she dreaded taking her four-year-old daughter to school because she was often confused with being her grandmother.

    The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! campmates were reunited after extreme weather conditions during Storm Arwen caused production difficulties at Gwrych Castle in North Wales.

    Discussing motherhood while sat around a campfire, the former Strictly Come Dancing judge said: “My daughter Abi, I remember dreading, absolutely dreading taking her to school age four and having to explain, ‘No, I’m her mother not her grandmother’. I was 47 when I had her.

    “When I went to mother and baby class in Primrose Hill my obstetrician came up and whispered – I can never forget this – he kneeled down and said: ‘Have no fear it will get better because you really should be a grandmother, so you’re going to have to find ways to understand how to be a mother again.’

    “Why it hurt so much was because having a baby naturally at 47 and thinking it was the menopause for four, five months… I can’t be pregnant, why am I so sick?”

  • Plane flies over the castle with huge banner saying ‘Danny Miller to win’

    crew were thrown into a panic today after a plane flew over Gwrych Castle with a huge banner that said "Danny Miller to win".

    Fans of the Emmerdale star organised the prank but thankfully the celebs inside the castle in North Wales were non-the-wiser.

    A source told The Sun: "Nobody has any idea who was behind the prank, but fortunately the campmates were inside the castle and didn't see it.

    "It's part of the show that they're cut off from the outside world and don't have any idea who is popular with viewers - it was a close call."

  • Fix row

    Fans are beginning to get frustrated with how 'easy' Naught Boy's trials are becoming.

    The show is facing a fix row after fans pointed out a HUGE flaw in Naughty Boy's latest Bushtucker Trial.

    The music producer almost quit the show a number of times before the celebs were evacuated from Gwrych Castle over the weekend due to Storm Arwen.

    Naughty, 40, decided to stay after seeing success in the Creepy Closet trial last week, and was since nominated for another trial on Wednesday night.

    Many fans were convinced the trial was "too easy" and took to social media to complain that they may have been simplified for the producer.

    "It is just me or are Naughty Boy's trials always a bit easy?" one woman wrote, as a second chimed in: "Another really easy trial for Naughty Boy."

    "ITV are deliberately making Naughty Boy's trial very easy so he doesn't leave - he keeps getting the eays ones," a third person pointed out.

  • Who is David Ginola?

    The former Spurs and Newcastle football player is taking part in 2021's I'm A Celebrity.

    David Ginola, 54, is a retired football player who has played for Tottenham Hotspur, Newcastle United and PSG.

    Hailing from France, the winger also made 17 caps for his national team.

    He started his career in France for Toulon before crossing over to English shores in 1995.

    Ginola married his first wife fashion model Coraline in 1991. They went on to have two children, Andrea and Carla, before divorcing in 2016.

    Since then, Ginola entered into a relationship with French model Maeva Denat, who is 23-years his junior.

    The pair have a daughter together, who was born in February 2018.

    It is unknown whether they have since married and are believed to still be together.

  • Frankie Bridge’s mind ‘blown’ after Arlene makes admission

    Fellow campmate Frankie Bridge said later: “Arlene was talking about the fact that she always felt a little bit self-conscious at school with her daughter because she was an older mum.

    “And it just blows my mind that that was ever an issue for her.

    “The fact that she’s here, she’s 78, going through all of this with us, she’s still dancing around and I imagine back then she was exactly the same.

    “I get where she’

  • Baby Miller supports daddy

    Danny Miller's fiancé Steph Jones has melted fans hearts after posting a sweet photo of her newborn son.

    The little tot was wearing a red footie shirt with their surname Miller printed on the back.

    Danny's adorable baby is clearly sending his dad plenty of support.

    Hearts melted!

  • Corrie's Amy Barlow actress Elle Mulvaney supports onscreen dad Simon Gregson on I'm a Celeb

    Coronation Street legend Simon Gregson's onscreen daughter Elle Mulvaney has thrown her support behind her TV dad.

    Elle - who plays teenager Amy Barlow on the ITV soap - shared a sweet message of support on social media.

    During an Instagram Q&A, a fan asked if she was watching I'm a Celebrity.

    Alongside a photo of the actress posing for a mirror selfie, she replied: "Yes. Supporting @fat_dracula obviously."

    Super cute!

  • Danny Miller over the moon

    Viewers were in hysteric tonight as Danny Miller fantasised about sharing a bed with footballing hero David Ginola.

    The Emmerdale star was voted the new camp deputy leader while Frenchman David was made top dog.

    The duo will replace soap stars Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson in the roles and adopt their privileges.

    One of which was sleeping in their own comfy bed.

    A grinning Danny said: "This for me is the best thing that could have happened in camp. I'm really tying to play it down out there because I want to be a man of the people."

    He said to the ex Spurs ace in the bedroom: "This is a dream come true for me, David. Me and you in the same bed, I could cry."

  • Viewers shocked by Frankie Bridge’s very X-rated gift

    Viewers were left gobsmacked after Frankie Bridge revealed a very X-rated gift she gave to husband Wayne.

    The 32-year-old star told her fellow campmates that she got her hubby a cast of her perky posterior.

    After re-entering the castle on Tuesday following Storm Arwen, the contestants were getting reacquainted and the topic of conversation took a cheeky turn.

    The Saturdays popstar revealed that she got the personalised gift made after her husband joked that he wanted a cast of her bum.

    Frankie said: "I got Wayne a cast of my a**.

    Kadeena Cox replied: "Did he appreciate it?"

    "Yeah, he used to say it as a joke back when he was playing football and he used to say, I just want a cast of your a**.

    "So one year I was like fine."

  • Viewers all have the same complaint

    I'M A Celeb viewers were left baffled by the contestants "fake" reunion after the campmates returned to the castle after three days away.

    The series had to pull scheduled trips to the castle after Storm Arwen wreaked devastation on production facilities in North Wales.

    On Wednesday's episode, ITV viewers finally saw the campmates reunite after they were forced to take a short break from the castle.

    However, fans were quick to point out that the contestants were being overly friendly despite only knowing each other for one week.

    One sceptical viewer wrote: "They are all being incredibly fake. #ImACeleb"

    Another agreed: "Everyone is fake best mates b****cks in the castle. #ImACeleb"

  • Boris Johnson savaged by Ant and Dec

    Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly have aimed a jibe at Boris Johnson.

    The comedy duo mocked the Prime Minister last night in the first few minutes of the ITV show.

    Appearing live from Gwrych Castle in North Wales, the Geordie duo announced to viewers that there were new lords of the camp, after soap stars Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson stepped down from the roles.

    Ant and Dec took their chance to have another dig at the UK's leader.

    Ant said: "Big news! You’ve elected a new camp leader."

    Dec replied with a question: "Exciting stuff…but what exactly though does the leader do?"

    Ant took aim at Boris with his answer, saying: "Well, they look increasingly dishevelled, give cushy jobs to their mates and pretty much make it up as they go along."

    Dec then leaned towards the camera, and grinning, he said: "Evening Prime Minister."

  • I'm a Celeb fans can't wait to see more of Danny and David's 'bromance'

    Emmerdale's Danny Miller and footie legend David Ginola have become firm pals in the castle and fans are loving it.

    A hilarious meme posted today on Danny's Instagram, it was captioned: "Who else is excited to see Danny the Deputy back on our screens tonight?

    "Can't wait to see his and David's blossoming romance go to new heights."

    One fan agreed: "David and Danny are awesome, great bromance."

    Another posted: "Love it, can't wait to see Danny and David get up to mischief tonight."

    "Danny is giving me such a laugh and his friendship with David is goals," a third added.


    THE I’M A Celebrity campmates will be secretly given handwarmers after their return to the castle.

    Bosses tasked production staff with finding quick-heating ‘beanbags’, which will be hidden in hessian sacks so they blend into the background of the Grade I listed ruins.

    A source said: “Bosses know this is a programme where there’s an expectation from the viewers that the celebs aren’t in a holiday camp.

    “But equally they have a duty of care to them, particularly the older, more vulnerable contestants.

    “Not everyone will choose to use a heater, but they are there if they are wanted.”

    News of the hand-warmers come after we told of the castle’s secret supply of hot water to keep the campers happy.