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I’m A Celebrity 2020 latest – Shane Richie clashes with AJ Pritchard as Beverley Callard breaks her vegan diet AGAIN

I'M A Celebrity's tensions boiled over tonight as Shane Richie clashed with AJ Pritchard.

The Strictly Come Dancing star was seen scolding the EastEnders legend for sleeping in late and avoiding his camp chores - and Shane looked ready to snap.

This only got worse later on when AJ and Jessica Plummer returned with only six stars between them.

Shane didn't look impressed - but then the tables were turned after the public voted for him to do the next trial.

Meanwhile, Beverley Callard horrified fans when she snacked on a Scotch egg after claiming to be vegan.

The Coronation Street star also insisted she "wasn't a wuss" after being made exempt from the next castle trial on medical grounds.

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    The campmates have already faced the castle's many horrors for ten days. Ten days! But how long does the show go on for?

    Since season 13, the celebrities have spent 22 days in camp, and this series is no different.

    This means fans have until December 4 to see even more castle action, with the show's finale lasting one hour and 35 minutes.

    This year, the show had to be moved from Murwillumbah, in Australia, to Gwrych Castle, in Abergele, North Wales, due to the pandemic.

    Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this year has been even tougher for the celebs since they had to complete two weeks of enforced quarantine before the show even started.

    Despite them being cut off from the outside world, the campmates have figured out ways to communicate with their nearest and dearest with secret signals.


    On Sunday's episode, Jessica Plummer was left terrified after rats invaded the camp – with one even crawling under her bed.

    To make matters worse, the incident happened while the boys were off feasting on a delicious roast.

    But it appeared the campmates weren't bothered by any furry friends during Monday's episode.

    Where could it have gone? Or did the bosses take one to use for their latest trial…


    The latest horror our batch of campmates will have to face is the “Cruel Jewels” – which Ant and Dec described as a "terrible treasure hunt".

    The public ended up selecting Shane Richie for the task after he clashed with AJ Pritchard and moaned about Jessica Plummer.

    This doesn't look much fun for anyone, as he'll have to unscrew stars with his mouth while being covered in critters.

    But it might get worse as he admitted to Vernon Kay that he doesn't want to be covered in fish guts like the girls, as they still “smell” from their trial.

    And if he smells like fish guts, he's not going to get a kiss like this


    While all the campmates spoke about their first kisses earlier in the night, it was maybe Vernon's confession that was most shocking of all.

    The presenter hadn't kissed anyone until he was in Sixth Form!

    The former Family Fortunes host said his first kiss happened at the end of Wigan Pier and was horrific because he was “like a washing machine”.

    This is extra surprising considering he's been a heartthrob for nearly a decade… oh, and he's married to Strictly beauty Tess Daly.


    As Shane's son, Shane Jnr, speaks out in defence of his dad against Twitter trolls, how many kids does the EastEnders legend have?

    He's actually a father of five! His two eldest are with his ex-wife Coleen Nolan, and he shares Shane Roche Jr and Jake Roche.

    The star also shares kids Mackenzie, Lolita and Romani-Skye with his wife Christie Goddard.


    Before AJ bravely took on the pitch-black Harm-Oury trial alongside Jessica Plummer, his dad gave us a warning of what to expect – that he is a "wimp".

    Dad Adrian, 64, said that his eldest son “hates little creatures” and would've been “scared stiff” crawling around in the dark.

    Nothing quite like the support of your parents!


    In a huge revelation that will stun viewers who think the stars face the trials with no prior training, The Sun has revealed the contestants receive a secret run-through in the castle trials.

    ITV insiders say they are done for health and safety — and entertainment — reasons.

    But one person who isn't happy is former contestant Kim Woodburn.

    She said: “This isn’t the jungle — it’s an absolute farce. It’s a cheat. I am truly appalled.”


    While AJ and Jess took on the trial tonight and bagged six stars, not everyone is happy with their chances.

    AJ couldn't stop screaming for help and Jess provided… moral support in the horrific tunnel trial called The Harm-Oury.

    However, fans have labelled the task "unfair", with many saying it would be “impossible” to complete.


    It looks like Bev's non-vegan eating has got to fans enough that they'd dare to edit her own Wikipedia page.

    Right down by the “Personal Life” section, cheeky fans have called the Corrie star out on her various animal product slips.

    It says “She lies about being a vegan on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”.

    There's a citation as well!


    It’s looking unlikely that Sir Mo will take home gold in I’m a Celeb.

    The 37-year-old Olympian was marked at a 20% chance of winning before the show started, but that number has now dropped to only 4.8%.

    However, he’s better positioned for a bronze or silver, with bookies giving him a 25% chance of still finishing in the top three, according to


    Shane Richie's son Shane Jnr. has slammed Twitter trolls who targetted his dad online tonight.

    He defended the EastEnders star after viewers saw him clash with Strictly's AJ Pritchard.


    So what would you have preferred, a Scotch eggs or chocolate mini eggs?


    Beverley Callard claims she's been living a vegan lifestyle since March of this year.

    This got her out of eating different animals' most grizzly parts last week, despite suspicion from her Corrie son and husband.

    However, she may have pushed fans over the edge after Bev appeared to gobble a Scotch egg after the camp won them.

    And she seemed to enjoy them more than AJ Pritchard, who looked less than impressed about the lack of chocolate…


    Shane talked a big game about how not to get involved in a trial – and his nomination definitely took him by surprise.

    My guess is the reason he got selected was the little argument he had at the beginning of the show. Are viewers punishing him for getting a little too comfortable?

    Or are they seeing a man on the edge and they want to push him to breaking point?

    Jessica did get a lucky escape there and if fans really, really want to see them starve, they could do worse than voting for her.

    How mean is this show! You've got to love it.


    Bev has been excluded from the next Bushtucker trial on medical grounds, according to Ant and Dec.

    The presenters told viewers that they wouldn't be able to vote for the Coronation Street legend after she was made exempt from the next grisly trial.

    Bev's had a hip operation in March and doctors told her to slow down – but she has said she wants to complete every castle trial.

    For the sake of her continued involvement in the camp, please take it easy Bev.


    Poor AJ and Jess are really disappointed in themselves, which is slightly unfair because that trial was hard. No one ever does well on the pitch black ones.

    Viewers are divided in their response to the trial.

    Some saying Ant and Dec helped them too much, some saying the trial was unfair because they were forced to crawl through several pitch black rooms.

    While most people in the camp were fine with it, today's prince of darkness Shane Richie was teetering on the edge of a strop there. Does that mean we could see a proper fight tonight?

    Nothing is angrier than a man who is tired and hungry. Ruh roh.


    Oh my, I'd feel sorry for them if it wasn't so funny. We can laugh at them but it's genuinely pitch black in there.

    So many highlights. Jess shouting at the top of her lungs calm down – absolutely obsessed with that.

    AJ doing a Matrix style dodge of a bunch of creepy crawlies – impressive.

    Jess begging to hold AJ's hand and he keeps running away – brill.

    And just when you think they've run out of tricks, they get attacked by a pigeon.


    We've still got a little while yet until we say goodbye to our favourite celebs. This doesn't mean we shouldn't think about what they should do next.

    Everyone's favourite scaredy cat Jordan could have a travel show in store, if TV bosses are paying attention to this Twitter user…


    Anyone else notice how Ant and Dec reminded us what their lowest total of stars was? That definitely won't change.

    How do we think the pair will do? AJ's dad labelled him a WIMP earlier so hopefully he can prove him wrong.

    However, I just feel like these two are going to be a bit useless. AJ is competitive but he's blind in there.

    Imagine if he gets into an argument with Shane, gets the question wrong AND comes home with barely any stars… Let's all pray for our Strictly boy.


    A real mix of stories here for people's first kiss.

    We've got Bev telling a romantic tale of a boy kissing in a youth club. The boy had boot polish on his beard and got it all over her face. A story fit for Corrie.

    Then you've got Victoria – who had a boy burp in her mouth. It's good to see chivalry isn't dead, it just never existed.

    And Giovanna coming out of nowhere with her best mate letting her borrow her boyfriend. You've got to love Essex…


    Not many places you can see a West End star and a Radio 1 DJ try to herd some ducks in a Welsh field.

    All that effort and now they're relying on the celebrities to answer the camp correctly…

    Good job the camp didn't listen to AJ! Poor guy, he's having a rough ride of it today. And we haven't even got to the trial…

    But who in a million, million years would you choose scotch eggs over mini eggs? The rice and beans have broken their brains.


    One of the beauties of this show is seeing sporting legends like Mo speak about their lives.

    Of course, he is extraordinary, so his story is also going to be extraordinary. Seeing him get emotional about the opportunities he's had was quite a moment.

    Has anyone noticed everyone keeps opening up around Victoria? Now that's a professional…


    How could we not guess it would be boiling water that puts them at… boiling point?

    AJ made a rookie error there with Shane. Never, ever, ever ask someone to do something as soon as they've woken up. Mr Richie was about to snap. Moans should come after breakfast.

    But this definitely isn't the last we'll hear about this. Jordan might need to pull his finger out to stop an argument.

    But if any of them want a chance at winning, they better not shout at our Jordan…


    This is the part of the series where everyone moans “they've had it too easy” *cough Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison*, “they're too well fed”, “they're all getting along”.

    But then this is also the part of the series where everything falls apart! Yay!

    As we can see from that preview, if you put a bunch of celebs in a castle for long enough, the thing that will ruin everything is a pan.


    We're just under ten minutes until the beginning of Monday night's episode – the highlight of nearly everyone's day.

    If you thought you were suffering eating too many Jammie Dodgers in lockdown, wait until you see AJ take on the Harm-Oury alongside EastEnders' Jessica Plummer.

    Fans were desperate to see more of AJ after they claimed he wasn't getting enough screen time. Well, it looks like he's going to get a lot of SCREAM time.

    Elsewhere, rumours have it there's a row in-bound. The camp has been in harmony so far, but messy dishes could be what throws the happy campers into all out castle warfare.

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