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I’m A Celeb star Giovanna Fletcher’s brother Mario Falcone hits out at ‘immature’ Shane Richie for ‘pushing her buttons’

I'M A Celebrity star Giovanna Fletcher's brother Mario Falcone hit out at "immature" Shane Richie for "pushing her buttons".

The camp saw its first signs of tension last night as people started to bicker over their newly assigned tasks.

However, Giovanna's brother - Towie star Mario Falcone - took issue with Shane's behaviour on Monday's episode.

The blogger admitted to feeling pressured as she tried to cook the camp's dinner with everyone staring at her.

Mario said: "I think [Saturday], when she had a tough day, it's not very nice, when you see people pushing her buttons, obviously I know it's hard, it's a difficult environment...

"People are missing home, they are all in the same boat at the end of the day, they are all trying their best.

"So when people are being, maybe the way that Shane was last night, it doesn't sit too well with me..."

He added to the Mail Online: "I think she's absolutely smashing it, as a family we are really proud at the way she's conducting herself, in the trials and just through some of the things that go on in the camp, especially last night with the cooking...

"Everyone was sort of watching her like a hawk. The way she conducted herself and didn't snap and just handled it really, really well. I think she's doing very well."

During the episode, Giovanna cooked a hare stir fry alongside Olympian Mo Farrah.

However, among the many people commenting on their cooking techniques was Vernon, who attempted a little bit of micromanaging.

While Giovanna looked angry, she avoided an argument by calmly handling the situation.

Giovanna said: "There's definitely some micromanaging going on and when you're in that situation, you've got to see it as people trying to be helpful, rather than trying to stick their ore in."

During the episode, Shane was also spotted "gossiping" about fellow soap star Jessica Plummer.

Following the Busktucker Trial, Shane was certain Jess would be chosen again because of her performance.

Speaking to Vernon Kay, he said: "I say this every year I watch it. Why would you come and do it? You know what’s going to happen."

The actor later added: "Yeah tomorrow night, 100 per cent Jess."

The EastEnders legend also clashed with Strictly star AJ Pritchard over not washing the dishes.

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