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I’m A Celeb’s Jessica Plummer looks unrecognisable in throwback snap with bright red weave that ‘destroyed’ her hair

I’M A Celebrity star Jessica Plummer has opened up about the bright red “devil” weave that “destroyed” her hair.

The ex-EastEnders actor, 28, looked totally unrecognisable in a throwback snap which saw her usual brown, curly locks replaced with the long, red weave.

“Thisssssss was the devil weave that f’d me,” she wrote alongside the pic.

Jessica then went on to explain how the weave caused a small bald patch, discussing the topic in several lengthy social media posts.

She told her 334,000 Instagram fans – alongside a crying face emoji: “I used to wear a weave with full front that ripped the front section of my hair out leaving me with a bald patch (about the size of a 5p coin, but at the time obviously felt huge).”

After realising the damage it had done, Jessica managed to rescue her locks in less than a month.

She shared: “I went to my local black hair shop and bought Jamaican black castor oil. It took roughly two weeks for the hair to grow back, and was completely unnoticeable after a month. 

“However what I will say, is this helped hair that been lost due to damage, not hormone/age/disorder related. I’m not sure if it will work on hair loss caused by these things.”

Fans were keen to know the exact miracle product she used – which she quickly revealed in another Insta vid.

The brand, Sunny Isle, produces Jamaican black castor oil in a sizeable bottle for just £3.49.

Quickly, the former Neon Jungle singer was inundated with queries from fans about how she manages her hair today.

Plus fans were also keen to know how she takes care of her four-year-old daughter Noa’s hair, which is similarly curly.

She shared: “Figuring out what your curls need is a chore and a journey, but once you get the right formula 😍😍😍

“Like mine, I only ever shampoo Noa’s scalp, never her actual hair strands.”

As for brushes, those with curly hair may well already know the challenges of a conventional comb – though Jessica was quick to cite her solution.

“Whoever invented the Tangle Teezer is a genius LOL. I started using them on myself maybe five years ago now.

“Iv never been able to detangle my hair with a comb and find my hair is pulled out so much more with conventional brushes.”

Finally, she revealed her ultimate secret weapon: avocado oil, to be applied to curly hair when wet.

“A lot of you asking which avocado oil I use,” she continued in her impromptu Instagram tutorial.

“I’m not opposed to any as long as avocado oil is the only ingredient. Don’t be fooled if you see it advertised as specifically ‘for hair’ at double the price… avocado oil is avocado oil LOL.”

Jess then shared a pic of the product she uses – Olivado Extra Virgin Avocado Oil, usually costing between £5 and £6.49 – which is advertised by retailers as a food product.

She quickly added: “Also word of warning: with avocado oil, a little goes a long way! 

“And if using before bed, wrap your hair (we should be doing this anyway) – cos if your hand is heavy and it didn’t have time to sink in, your pillow will be green in the morning.

“I only ever put oil in my hair when it’s wet, neverrrr when it’s dry (or Noa’s).”

Jessica also recommend a lighter oil – like almond oil – for hair that’s prone to greasiness.

I’m A Celebrity’s Jessica Plummer on skin care, make-up hacks and her castle hair salon

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