I'm A Celebrity viewers were left "howling" over the chaos of the latest Bushtucker Trial.

Someone who was possibly less amused was host Dec Donnelly, after he was spat on by contestant Jessica Plummer.

She accidentally covered him in saliva and the rest, as she gagged and retched her way through the drinking trial.

Jess and Shane Richie had to drink six blended smoothies each, all containing gross things.

From pig vagina and goat penis, to vomit fruit and critters, the pair were in for a rough ride.

I'm A Celebrity host Dec Donnelly got spat on

Every time Jess drank her smoothie, she proceeded to spit all over the floor - multiple times per drink.

At one point, Dec was seen grimacing before covering his face, almost as though he was struggling to watch Jess down her smoothie.

Jessica was left gagging during the gross trial

It's then that she began spitting again, before being told she had to finish the contents.

Suddenly she told Dec: "I'm so sorry if I spat on you, I am so sorry."

Dec didn't respond and had an awkward look on his face, before Ant turned to him and asked: "Did she get you there?"

Jess kept spitting out the smoothies

Shane then repeated: "Did she spit on you?" as Jess continued to retch in the background.

Dec then said, still covering his face: "That's alright," while no doubt trying to avoid getting hit again.

Of course Jess continued to spit throughout the remainder of the trial, with Ant and Dec seen trying to dodge any of it landing on them.

Ant and Dec were trying to avoid the spit

Viewers watching at home confessed they were crying with laughter at the scenes.


Another agreed: "Jess spitting that vile looking drink out on Dec has got to be in the top 10 TV comedy gold moments of 2020."

Jessica apologised after the drink left her close to throwing up

A third added: "Dec getting showered in spit! omg I've not laughed so hard this season! I need my inhaler!"

Meanwhile, a fourth commented: "Every time Jess spits on Ant and Dec I burst out laughing."

This was echoed by another viewer who said: "Spits it all over ant and dec omg."

I'm A Celebrity airs every night at 9pm on ITV.