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‘I guess I'm debating you': Trump rages against moderator minutes into Biden debate

Donald Trump has interrupted his rival Joe Biden throughout the first moments of their first presidential debate while talking over moderator Chris Wallace, as he struggled to ask  a question on healthcare.

"I guess I'm debating you, not him," the president said to Mr Wallace, referencing his opponent.

The candidates’ first segment, covering the future of the US Supreme Court, tackled the president’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who the former vice president has argued poses a threat to the Affordable Care Act and coverage for people with preexisting conditions.

As Mr Wallace began asking a second question within the first 15-minute segment, the president continued to talk over Mr Biden.

“Please allow me ask the questions, I’m the moderator of this debate,” Mr Wallace said. "Sir, you're debating him, not me."

Mr Biden pressed the president on the president on his failure to “repeal and replace" the ACA without a measure that would ensure continuity of coverage for millions of Americans, other than largely symbolic executive orders that don’t carry the authority of legislation passed by Congress.

The president attacked Mr Biden for his work with progressive Senator Bernie Sanders, whose signature Medicare for All – which would replace private health coverage – is not a part of the Mr Biden’s platform; he instead has included a public option as part of an expanded ACA with private insurance.

“Of course I have,” the president said after he was accused of not having a plan for coverage following the repeal of the ACA, which his administration has sought at the Supreme Court.

The administration removed the tax penalty for the individual mandate.

Following the close of the segment, after continued cross-talk and interruptions from the president, Mr Biden said with a smirk: “That was really a productive segment."

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