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I gave up my house, own money and job to marry a traveller 100 miles away to cook and clean for my husband

A WOMAN revealed how she gave up her house, own money and job to marry a traveller and live 100 miles away in his caravan. 

Violet Ann, 22, appeared on Big Fat Gypsy Weddings, and shared how her new life would involve cooking and cleaning for her husband.

Violet Ann is a self-professed Romany gypsy but has lived in a house her whole life and worked for five years in a budget hotel at East Midlands airport. 

Her parents were brought up in traditional wagons and fully supported her quitting her job for her new life. 

On the show, which was uploaded to YouTube, Violet Ann said: “I am very independent, I have my own job, my own money, I have my own car.”

She shared her sadness at leaving her job and sacrificing her independence for a man, but insisted she thought she would be happy.

Violet Ann said: “When I get married, I obviously can’t get up and go when I like. 

“I will have a husband to feed, a place to clean up all the time. I have other things to worry about.

“I have never left my mum and dad, never. So that is going to kill me. I dread it.”

Traditionally men have the jobs in travelling communities, and Violet Ann shared how she would be moving to where he was based 100 miles away from her parents in a trailer site in Slough.

After her last shift of work, Violet Ann said: “I feel a bit lost now, I have no work, I have nothing to do. 

“I’ll have to get in a routine of not going to work.. After five years that’s going to be a bit hard to do.”

Violet Ann’s mum said of her daughter’s change of lifestyle: “She’s got to work alongside her husband now and get on the best she can now. 

“She has to do what Larry says really.

“Violet is a bit headstrong, but as long as Larry get handle it, let them work it out between themselves.”

Violet Ann’s big white wedding featured on the show, with the bride wearing a strapless corset gown with a huge princess-style skirt. 


After the wedding, cameras caught up with the newly married bride and toured inside her new caravan dwelling. 

She said: “This is where I spend most of the day. It’s like a prison on here at the minute. I don’t like it, I hate it when I’m at. 

“I miss home very much.”

When asked if they could move the caravan nearer her parents, she replied: “I leave that up to Larry where we go. 

“That’s a man’s job. 

“I miss work, I never ever thought I’d miss work.”

Viewers were moved by her story, with one writing: “Violet Ann is wise, mature, and practical....she went into marriage with no illusions and no fantasy dreams....good on her. I wish her and Larry nothing but the best.”

Another added: “I would love to see an update on this smart and beautiful young lady.”

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