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I gave my first date an allergic reaction that nearly killed him and he lost an internal organ

A LOT of effort tends to go in to a first date, and blowing the socks of a potential partner is often high in the priority list.

But it didn't work out too well for one unlucky singleton who cooked her date a romantic meal - which caused him to have an allergic reaction and now he's down an organ.

It sounds like something out of a far fetched rom com, but it's just another day in the life of dating for the woman named Lauren who shared the ordeal online.

"So how’s the dating going Lauren? absolutely class aye thanks," she mocked in a caption on Twitter.

She continued: "Not only did I nearly kill a man but I’m now responsible for him losing an internal organ. incredible work."


The unlucky-in-love (and in the kitchen) woman also shared her hilarious attempt at an apology to the poor soul who she claims ended up with appendicitis.

In a heart-felt, hand-written card addressed to her date, she wrote: "Sorry I made you paella that caused an allergic reaction that led to appendicitis and now you're down an internal organ. I tied to steal your heart but alas I stole your appendix. My bad."

Singing off with: "Get well soon you absolute prawn."

She later revealed that her date was allergic to prawns, which neither of them were aware off.

But thankfully, "he's not mad" - in fact, they both thought it was extremely funny.

Replying to a comment on Twitter, she said: "He didn’t know he was allergic! we made that lovely discovery together on my bathroom floor over the course of about 16 hours hahaha."

The Twitter post caught the attention of many, with users finding the unfortunate incident amusing.

One joked: "On the positive side, it was the least important organ. Not a biggie like heart or spleen. Hope that helps..."

And another said: "I mean, if you did that and he hasn't dumped you? Result."

"This sounds like the plot of a romantic comedy. You'll both realise that what's important isn't internal organs - it's each other," wrote one more.

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