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I ended up in hospital after my man’s enthusiastic thrusting flipped my privates ‘inside out’

A WOMAN was horrified when her saucy romp with her partner left her in agony when her vagina “flipped inside out.”

Tsion had been looking forward to a weekend of passion with her partner Brashaad after spending seven months apart.

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to the ER, she explains: “When our relationship blossomed he was in Houston and I was in Los Angeles.

“I was really excited that he was coming, I was counting down the weeks.”

However, when Tsion arrived at Brashaad’s hotel, she was horrified to discover that his aunt was staying in the same room.

Desperate for some alone time, the pair sought out an alternative spot for their love making.

She says: “We eventually found a closet, I guess like a janitor’s closet. We looked around and we didn't see anybody so… you know.”

But once they had done the deed, Tsion began experiencing some severe discomfort.

“I was walking OK right after,” she says, “I still did feel weird but I was all happy so I didn’t really want to address it.”

But it didn’t go unnoticed by Brashaad, who added: “She was walking stiff like something’s down there.”

Concerned, Tsion asked him to take a look, and what he saw left Brashaad horrified.

“Her vagina was like, flipped inside out,” he says.

The pair rushed to hospital where doctors explained that they could see some small lacerations and tearing, diagnosing Tsion with severe vaginal ecchymosis.

The disgruntled lovers were told to stay off sex for two weeks and that Tsion would be back to full working order as long as she applied ice to the area.

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