Grocery prices are on the rise and, in bleak news for shoppers, retail experts are warning they could rise again as we head into 2022.

Retail analysts Kantar reckon the cost a family's monthly shop has increased by an average of £6 per month over the past year.

And the biggest increases said to be in the savoury snack market, cat food and crisps.

But how much does it really mean prices have increased on a typical weekly food shop?

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As luck would have it, I found a receipt from my family food "big shop" at Morrisons dated from 25 November 2020.

We headed back to Morrisons to replicate a shop from November 2020 - in November 2021

So what better way to see how prices have really risen than by heading back out exactly a year on and doing the exact same shop?

I've split the results into sections to show how price rises have pretty much affected every category in my shop - the increases were particularly stark in the alcohol section with a bottle of Baileys I bought this time last year up by £2, while the prosecco I purchased had an extra 50p on top.

But there were also big rises on meat and fish products, and baby formula was a whopping 80p more, which is pretty galling for new mums everywhere.

We asked Morrisons for a comment about the price increases across our sample shop and they had this to say: "This is a small basket of items and not representative of our prices across our shop.

"Many of our prices have come down and some have stayed the same.

"One of the main reasons behind the price difference - last year to this - is that we had Baileys on promotion last year."

Here's the breakdown of our shop in full.

Milk and dairy products

Dairy products from Morrisons

British whole milk 2 pints - 80p (2020) - 89p (2021)

Grated mature cheddar - £1.69 (2020) - £2.00 (2021)

Langley Farm cottage cheese - £1.35 (2020) - £1.35 (2021)

Dairylea Lunchables - £1.00 (2020) - £1.00 (special offer down from £1.50) (2021)

Peppa Pig fromage frais - £1.00 (2020) - £1.00 (2021)

Milk and cheese saw the big rises in this category, with yoghurt prices looking a bit more stable.

The Dairylea lunchables were on special offer on my visit, and I could have got the mature cheddar cheaper if I'd taken advantage of a "2 for £3" offer.

Meat & fish

Meat and fish had some of the biggest price rises in our shop

Lean beef mince - £2.69 (2020) - £2.89 (2021)

Medium whole British chicken - £3.00 (2020) - £3.35 (2021)

Turkey steaks - £3.25 (2020) - £3.50 (2021)

Billy Bear ham - £1.00 (2020) - £1.00 (2021)

Tikka chicken pieces - £2.50 (2020) - £2.50 (2021)

Honey roast ham slices - £2.00 (2020) - £2.50 (2021)

Cold water prawns - £2.69 (2020) - £2.75 (2021)

Price rises across all of the fresh meat and fish on my shop here, and it makes you realise how the price increases are starting to add up at this stage.

However cooked meat prices were more stable, although the roast ham did have an increase. Again, multi-buys were a way to make this cheaper.

Fruit & Veg

Fruit and veg in our shop

Raspberries - £3 (2020) - £3 (2021)

Organic Bananas - £1.30 (2020) - £1.45 (2021)

Large mild onions - £1.25 (2020) - £1.35 (2021)

Pink Lady apples - £1.89 (2020) - £ 2.00(2021)

There were price rises on everything except my big pack of raspberries on my selection from the fruit and veg aisle.

I've not included mushrooms and baby corn that I bought last time around, as both of these were reduced yellow sticker items on the receipt at the time, so the price would not be a fair comparison. Just in case you think I didn't have many veg in my trolley last year!

Bread and Bakery

Bakery products on the "Big Shop"

Hovis Best of Both medium sliced 500g - £1.10 (2020) - £1.10 (2021)

Morrisons The Best Pancakes - £1.25 (2020) - £1.45 (2021)

WW wraps - £1.40 (2020) - £1.40 (2021)

Morrisons panettone tree - £2.00 (2020) - £2.00 (2021)

Pleased to see the bread prices remaining pretty stable - as well as my little treat to myself, the classic Morrisons panettone Christmas tree. However, the premium pancakes had an extra 20p on top which made me think to change to a cheaper brand next time around.

Store cupboard essentials

Heinz Baked Beans snap pots - £2.50 (2020) - £2.50 (2021)

Morrisons Passata - 35p (2020) - 49p (2021)

Ben's Rice - 99p (2020) - 99p (2021)

Quite a big price increase on passata, while baked beans remained the same price as last year.

The Ben's long grain microwave rice that I bought a year ago is now down as a "Price hold" item, something that is advertised on certain items across the store, but I did notice that most other flavours in the Ben's range were now priced at £1.15.

Baby milk and food

Baby products at Morrisons

Ella's Kitchen baby food - £2 (2020) - £2.20 (2021)

Cow & Gate formula milk - £7.97 (2020) - £8.75 (2021)

Heinz baby food £1.80 (2020) - £1.20 (2021)

Fruit Bowl peelers - £2.25 (2020) - £2.25 (2021)

Pampers baby wipes - 85p (2020) - 85p (2021)

This time last year I had a not-quite one year old so a big expense on the shopping list was baby milk and first baby foods. Thankfully baby formula is now a thing of the past - particularly when I see that it has gone up by almost 80p since I was buying it.

But the baby food aisle did give me my one and only bargain find of the shop - when I discovered that Heinz baby food had REDUCED in price by a whopping 60p a pack since my 2020 visit.

However the Ella's Kitchen pouches I had bought have now gone up by 20p EACH - but they are still doing an offer where you can buy 4 for 7 which means you can still make a saving by buying in bulk on those.


Booze was on the rise

Bottle of Baileys - £9.99 (2020) - £12 (2021)

Bottle of "The Best" Prosecco (20cl) - £2.50 (2020) - £3 (2021)

Gutting to see the prices of alcohol have risen so sharply - although I always tend to shop around for Christmas drinks like Baileys, so I suspect that the £9.99 price I paid last year for the Irish cream drink was probably a special offer on at the time (this was later confirmed by Morrisons in their statement about this shop).

However the 50p increase on my tiny little treat bottle of prosecco that I like to buy was also a bit of a shocker!

Crisps and snacks

Cadbury Brunch bars - £1.00 (2020) - £1.00 (2021)

Cadbury chocolate tree decorations - £2.00 (2020) - £3.00 (2021)

Roysters T Bone steak crisps - £1.00 (2020) - £1.00 (2021)

Fibre One Popcorn bars - £1.00 (2020) - £2.00 (2021)

Kallo Rice Cakes - £2.00 (2020) - £2.00 (2021)

Again, it tends to pay to shop around for branded chocolate bars and crisps as I always tend to find these cheaper at places like B&M or Home Bargains.

However it looks like I bagged a fairly good deal at Morrisons last year with some of these. Because prices have risen fairly sharply on this year's shop for Fibre One popcorn bars and the Cadbury tree decorations.

Crisps were cited as one of the main areas of price increases by retail analysts, yet the ones I bought had stayed at exactly the same price and there was a good range of crisps at decent prices in general I noticed at the Morrisons store I shopped at.

Overall price comparison

Shopping basket total priced on November 25, 2020 - £74.36

Shopping basket total priced on November 24, 2021 - £81.71

While it looked at first like only small price increases on items, those pennies very quickly add up to pounds.

And I was shocked to find that the exact same shop - with the same brands/own brands purchased to make it a fair comparison - has gone up in price by over £7 in the past year representing an almost 10 per cent rise in total on this particular sample shop.

While the biggest rises were on the alcohol and baby food side of things, as you can see from my breakdown of costs there were price rises in all the different categories of my particular "big shop".

Morrisons said in their statement that "many prices have come down" across their stores but on my shop only ONE item had reduced in price from this time last year.

Over the course of a month these sort of price rises would stack up to £28 more a month on groceries than this time last year.

With grocery prises predicted to rise again as we head into 2022, it's certainly food for thought, and has made me think about where to try and cut prices and switch brands to bring those costs down for future shops.

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