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I bought a run-down house for £50k and transformed it into a modern paradise, I did all the work – now it’s worth £150k

ONE man who bought a house in Yorkshire for a steal at £50k has turned the run-down property into an ultra-glamorous home.

The DIY fanatic was able to totally refurbish the entire property, using his own savvy skills along with his wife's input, and the difference has shocked viewers.

Proudly showing off the transformation on his TikTok channel, the man gives a quick snippet of the home before he worked his modernizing magic.

Posting under the domain @Jamesproperty_ he said: "I bought a house for 50k" showing the dated property with old uneven cabinets and overly-lived-in carpets and flooring.

Getting to work on the refurbishments, he starts by showing how he transformed the two bathrooms, completely re-tiling with his partner, and how messy this DIY project got.

Revealing the results of their hard work, he shows a bright kitchen with new white cabinets, new fresh fluffy grey carpets in the hall, quirky brick designs on the living room wall, and two beautiful bedrooms with one ensuite and a large walk-in wardrobe.

Asked how much and the refurbishing cost overall, the man said "30k."

The popular video has racked up 1.3 million views on TikTok with thousands commenting about the transformation.

"Hard work pays. That's better than any C.V. Nice one" commented one person.

"I've never been so impressed up until now" commented another.

A third said: "Congratulations, your home looks awesome. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful home."

One person asked: "How much will it sell for" to which the poster replied, "revalued at £150k but sticking to renting mate."

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