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I am having wild sex with my best friend’s mum after her dad left her for a younger woman

DEAR DEIDRE: I’VE had wild sex with a woman twice my age, which would be OK but she’s my mate’s mum.

My best friend at college is a girl who, like me, is doing creative arts. We are both 18.

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She has been upset recently because her parents split up — her dad has left her mum for a younger woman.

I’ve been trying to support my friend and ended up staying around there a few nights.

We have become very close but we are just friends. She hinted at more but I said I felt awkward about it as it would be like I was taking advantage of the situation. She said it showed what a special guy I am.

I was sleeping downstairs on the sofa when her mum came down to make herself a cup of tea as she couldn’t sleep.

She said how much she appreciated me being such a great friend to her daughter.

She said how devastated she was by her husband leaving her for a girl half his age.

She started crying and said: “It’s made me feel like an ugly old woman.”

I said — and it’s true — “You’re beautiful, the most gorgeous of any of my friends’ mums.”

She is 37 and has got a great figure. She said: “You’re the medicine an old lady like me needs.”

I didn’t know what to say and she went back upstairs to bed.

Next night she came down again, sat by me and asked if I was just friends with her daughter or if anything else had gone on.

I said, truthfully, that we were strictly mates and she leaned over and kissed me.

I was stunned but then kissed her back and we had sex right there on the sofa.

She cried a bit afterwards and said I’d made her feel wanted again, but we agreed we must not do it again or tell my friend.

Next day I was as normal as I could be with my friend but told her I needed to go home. It was the weekend and so I didn’t then see her for a couple of days.

She seemed OK on the Monday and asked me round again. I was torn but couldn’t resist saying yes.

We had a good evening talking together and her mum seemed normal. I went to sleep on the sofa again but couldn’t help wondering . . .

I know it’s wrong but I was really pleased when her mum came down in the small hours.


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She said: “I need a cup of tea,” but laughed and lay down on the sofa with me.

We’ve had sex a few times since and it’s great but I know my friend would be gutted if she found out.

Her dad has left and her mum has got off with her best mate.

DEIDRE SAYS: Her mum has been getting an ego boost from you desiring her.

But it is a dead-end for her and risks costing you a friendship. Your friend would be hurt and horrified.

Find the willpower to tell her mum that she is great but you both know this must stop.

Do not stay round there, at least for a while.

Tell your friend your parents want you home because they are worried about your studies.

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