A student was spiked with a needle in her thigh at a nightclub leaving her "erratic and hysterical".

Katy Stevenson, 19, a student from Dundee university believes she was injected while queueing to enter Underground club on Tuesday.

She has no memory of what happened after beyond that point.

The next morning, she woke up to find bruising on her leg along with a red puncture wound.

Speaking to the Record, Katy, from Bangor said: “I was talking to friends, minding my own business, and that's the last thing I remember.

"I woke up in a panic and I knew right away I had been spiked - but I didn't know at that point it had been with a needle."

Katy woke up the next morning with no memory of the night before and found a puncture wound (


Daily Record)

Katy had to rely on her friends to tell her what happened that night.

They told her that she was behaving "erratically" and was refused entry as she had forgotten her ID.

A friend managed to get Katy back to her flat, but she began “crying hysterically”, having mood swings and refused to go to bed.

Katy woke up the next morning drenched in sweat and after finding the puncture would, she went Accident and Emergency to be checked out.

It was at Ninewells Hospital where doctors confirmed the wound on her outer thigh was consistent with an injection.

Katy added: “My friends say I was crying hysterically for no reason, like someone had died, for two hours, and had two panic attacks.

"I couldn't remember my flatmates' names, or was giving them the wrong names, and injured myself falling about. My flatmates nearly called an ambulance."

Katy said she now has some concerns about future nights out and that club security should be on hand monitoring the guests.

She says: “This weekend coming is a big one for clubs with Halloween, but I honestly don't even know if I will go out at all.

"The fear is that now you're having to look out for yourself in queues, never mind being in a club itself.

Katy Stevenson, 19, was allegedly spiked with a needle on a night out in Dundee and was taken home by friend Nicole Friel, also pictured (


Daily Record)

"Us girls have been talking about it [spiking] and going out just isn't enjoyable anymore.

"You can protect yourself from having a drink spiked but what can you do if you're standing in a queue and someone has a needle?

"I was lucky that I was able to get away from the whole situation."

Katy has since shared her horrendous ordeal on social media in the hope of helping others avoid the same nightmare.

The post, which has since been shared over 1,500 times, reads: “Not one to normally post but feel it needs to be done.

“I have not written this post for sympathy, I just want to spread awareness and share my experience so someone else can recognise the signs."

Police have since confirmed they have launched a probe into Katy’s claims.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received report of a drug spiking incident at a premises on South Tay Street, Dundee which occurred just after midnight on Tuesday 26 October 21.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”

It is the latest investigation to be carried out by officers amid a worrying spate of spiking by injection incidents across the UK.

The news comes after a string of spikings by injection were reported across the UK (



Revellers in Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee have taken to social media over the past two weeks to report alleged incidents while out at bars and nightclubs.

In response, venue bosses have issued statements of apology and have promised to bolster their security.

Politicians have also written to Police Scotland over the concerning rise in reports, with SNP MSP Evelyn Tweed highlighting claims made at a bar in Stirling.

The Scotsman Group, which owns the Underground nightclub, has been approached for comment.

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