A man with terminal cancer is begging people to follow lockdown rules so he can see his wife before he dies.

Simon Cowls, 51, and his wife Ali were meant to be heading off on a roadtrip through the countryside this month so they could make some final memories together.

The married couple had brought a campervan together so they could set off from their Devon home, but coronavirus means they must be apart for 23 hours a day due to Mr Cowl’s immune system vulnerability.

Now he’s urging the people who are ignoring lockdown rules, still going out and about, panic buying from supermarkets and continuing to see their friends and family to stop so that this will all be over as soon as possible.

Mr Cowls has to spend every night alone in the van parked outside of their home and can only see his wife for one hour a day, where he has to sit across a table from her. He has to kiss her goodnight on Skype.

The couple had planned to tour the countryside together

Due to his antibody treatment, Mr Cowls has been classified in the high risk group by the NHS so is taking every precaution not to get the virus.

Now he is feeling pretty angry at people who are ignoring this.

"Now I don't have the person who loves and cares for me around me either. It's hard, it's my wife. I need a cuddle,” he told Sky News.

“It really annoys me when I see people who think they're invisible, carrying around like their lives are normal.”

Simon fears he may never be able to hug his wife again
Simon may have just a few short months to live

Mr Cowls continued, saying people cannot do this because they will kill people.

After a conversation with his GP on the phone, Mr Cowls also found out that people were stockpiling medication, which puts him at risk as he would die if he couldn’t take his.

This news came on top of the fact the doctors are already weighing whether to delay his next round of treatment. If he has the treatment his immune system will weaken further but if he doesn’t his tumours will spread quicker.

At the weekend Mr Cowls became one of the first to receive the government’s 50,000 food parcels containing essentials like tinned food, bread, cereal, fresh produce, shower gel and toilet roll.

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Coronavirus outbreak

It’s absolutely vital for the couple as it means Mrs Cowls no longer has to go out and in two weeks they’ll be able to reassess how much contact they’re allowed to have.

“Every extra day we have is precious,” Mr Cowls continued.

“All we are asking is for everyone to sit still for a while, and maybe soon we won't have to live in as much fear."