An investigation has been launched after a man allegedly killed his wife and put her body parts into bags in front of his children.

The man, who goes by the initials A.T, took his own life in front of a hospital following the murder, according to reports.

Internal Security Forces in Lebanon initially started investigating the man's suicide on Tuesday after he died outside Rayak Hospital in the Bekaa region.

But officers later launched a probe into claims that A.T murdered and dismembered his wife, The961 reports.

Officers found a manhole next to his house

Authorities then went to his home, where they found a newly covered manhole, which contained five bags of dismembered body parts belonging to his wife.

AT's two children, aged four and six, both from a previous marriage, told investigators that their father killed their step mother, chopped her body into parts and packed them in bags in front of them.

He then allegedly proceeded to dump them in the manhole, before taking his own life.