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Hunt for feral gang of 15 juveniles who brutally beat a man, 53, in Baltimore amid fears they’ll ‘strike again’


A DESPERATE hunt is underway for a gang of 15 feral juveniles who beat and stomped on a 53-year-old man in Baltimore last week.

There are fears the young thugs may "strike again", police say, after their brutalised victim was left needing hospital treatment.

The vicious attack happened just one block from Balitmore police headquarters in the east of the city at around 8pm on Tuesday, November 5.

Baltimore Police Department Detective Donny Moses described the bloody beat-down as "substantial".

Of the unnamed victim, Det Moses told WJZ-13: "They beat him to the point he went down. They kicked. They stomped.

"They did a pretty substantial amount of damage."


Appealing for witnesses to come forward, Det Moses added: "In an assault like this, there has to be a commotion where people heard something, but at the same time, there’s a level of fear.

"People may not want to come forward because they feel like they may be next."

The attack "came out of nowhere", the police spokesman added - saying the victim was immediately surrounded by an estimated 15 young thugs.

Security footage has been obtained and reviewed by cops - but it does not show clear images of the alleged attackers, Det Moses said.

He added: "People need to realize this could be their father.

"This could be their brother. This could be their son, and we need to get to the bottom of this.

"If they strike one, chances are they’ll strike again. Before they strike again, we need to arrest them."

Anyone with information is invited to contact Baltimore Police Department.

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