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‘Hungry artist’ EATS $120k banana ‘artwork’ consisting of single piece of fruit taped to a wall

A "HUNGRY artist" ate a $120,000 "artwork" consisting of a banana taped to a wall on Saturday.

David Datuna, 45, sparked outrage after munching the piece of fruit at a Miami gallery.

Police intervened after his apparent piece of performance art - which he captured on video and called "Hungry Artist".

In the clip, brazen Datuna removes the banana from the wall and unpeels it - before gobbling it in a few bites.

The stunt comes just a day after it was revealed the artwork - by Italian Maurizio Cattelan - had sold for $120k.

Entitled Comedian, it comprises a single piece of fruit from a Miami super­market held in place by a strip of duct tape.

It was bought from Cattelan by a French art collector and was being displayed at the Art Basel gallery in Miami.


Stunned gallery staff called security and police who interviewed Datuna and took his details - although he was not formally arrested, TMZ reports.

Datuna claimed he respects Cattelan and hoped his eating stunt would be seen as a compliment.

The eaten banana has already been replaced, according to TMZ.

There were reportedly instructions in place already to swap the banana with a fresh one as it decomposes, suggesting the banana itself is not intrinsic to the value of the artwork.

Viewers were told that bananas are “a symbol of global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humour”.

Cattelan, 59, hit the headlines in September when his 18-karat gold toilet sculpture was stolen from Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire.

Five people were arrested in relation to the theft.

Footage shows golden toilet by artist Maurizio Cattelan inside New York's Guggenheim Museum

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