A dog show in Florida turned into chaos last weekend when a verbal argument between two women escalated and ended with people throwing haymakers and chairs at each other.

A spectator at the show caught the wild brawl on camera, capturing the chaos at the Miami Bully Takeover at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel near Miami airport last Saturday.

The footage captures two men striking each other, while another man picked up a chair and threw it.

The clip also shows a person on the ground, being stomped on by another.

According to TMZ Sports reports, the fight was broken up, only for another to kick off in another area just seconds later.

This brawl involved more chairs and punches flying about.

At this point, security at the event, which was a bully breed convention for dogs, owners, kennels, rescues and vendors, finally stepped in to shut everything down.

Footage taken by a spectator at the show captures people throwing haymakers and chairs at each other (


The footage shows two men striking each other, while another man picked up a chair and threw it (



None of the people involved were injured as a result of the incident.

One of the event’s organisers apologised for the incident on social media, saying his “heart really hurts”, as he knows the “money that goes into showing”.

“We want to make it right and refund people that were unable to show," the organiser said.

"I wanted to finish but the cops would not allow it."

They continued to explain that the shows were “family events”.

The fight reportedly started with two women having a verbal argument (



“This really is hurtful and not the image I want people to see,” they said.

The organizer added, "It's truly sad that grown adults act like they did."

Despite all the violence, event organizers are expected to put on another bully breed dog show in Georgia, this Halloween weekend.

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