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How your selfie addiction is contributing to climate change


SELFIE-obsessed Brits are driving climate change by pumping millions of tonnes of carbon into the air via their photo storage.

The average Brit takes almost 900 photos a year, with dozens of duplicates left in storage.

In total, they rack up the same carbon emissions of 112,000 return flights from London to Perth - 355,000 tonnes.

Other dirty data habits include having multiple mobile phones, holding onto old messages and mindlessly texting and watching Netflix at the same time.

The research, from the Institute of Engineering and Technology reveals just one in four Brits delete additional pics they snap on their phones.

And the carbon footprint of our gadgets is set to double by 2025, they warn.

Deleting duplicates, unscribuning from emails, turning video off on soom and cleaning out cloud storage can all help slash emissions, they add.

Chris Cartwright, Chair of the Digital Panel at the IET said: “In our ever more connected lives, the data we now rely so much on also comes with a hidden carbon cost.

"This is why we all have a responsibility to change our habits.

"Deleting unwanted emails and photos, limiting use of the ‘reply all’ function, turning off auto-play on podcasts, Netflix or Amazon Prime and even having a ‘video off’ zoom day – these are all small changes people can easily make to lead a more sustainable online lifestyle."

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