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How to make sure you’re not one of millions in danger of missing out on $1,200 stimulus checks due to gov records


MILLIONS of Americans might miss out on their $1,200 stimulus checks due to incomplete government records.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO), Congress' auditing arm, says at least 8.7 million Americans who are eligible for stimulus payments have not yet received them thanks to inadequate IRS and Treasury Department records.

The watchdog group also called on the Centers for Disease Control to offer more guidance to local districts on how to safely reopen schools in their report published Monday.

GAO said the IRS did implement several recommendations the auditing arm put forth in a report in June, but said more work needs to be done as the agency handles the unprecedented $2.6 trillion in aid passed by Congress.

GAO also recommended the IRS allow those who may be eligible to file their tax returns through September 30 to receive their $1,200 checks.

However, GAO said the Treasury Department and the IRS failed to update information on how many eligible people have yet to receive funds.

The lack of "such information could hinder outreach efforts and place potentially millions of individuals at risk of missing their payment,” GAO said in the report.

GAO's April report estimated about 30 million Americans, comprised of 16 million on Social Security and another 14 million who do not normally file tax returns, are eligible for stimulus checks but have yet to receive them.

The figures imply at least 8.7 million have still not received their stimulus checks.

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