Do you remember a time when you were allowed outside of your house for as long as you wanted and could freely enjoy the delights of a restaurant? Us neither.

We’re a couple of weeks into lockdown now and our days are all blending into one, but if you’re starting to miss some of those guilty pleasures you used to indulge in so often then you might just be in luck.

With KFC stores up and down the country closed, one man has taken it upon himself to recreate their unique 11 herbs and spices formula from the comfort of his own home.

Dan Fell, from Warwickshire, says it took him over 18 months to perfect the recipe, but claims it’s so good that we won’t be able to taste the difference.

If you fancy challenging him on that, then you’ll be pleased to know he’s shared the recipe so that we can all give it a try ourselves.

Dan Fell has created his own recipe for making KFC at home and he claims you won't be able to taste the difference.

“I’ve cooked this a huge number of times, you get better each time,” Dan posted on Twitter.

“I’d say my strike rate for “mate you really cannot tell the difference” is about four out of the last five times. I’ll take that.”

Dan says the secret to success is all about having a perfect combination of ingredients.

You'll need the following ingredients:

“You have to have a deep fryer and you need the right mix of the herbs and spices,” he adds.

“Oil needs to be 160-165C no more and no less.

“Chicken needs to be room temperature and you use egg white and milk as the wash (no yolk). Made it about 30 times.”

In a recipe video that now has over 38k views on social media, Dan says the method is relatively simple.

All he does is add the flour to the combination of herbs and spices, using three parts flour to one part self-raising flour.

The chicken is then seasoned at room temperature and then egg washed using egg white and milk.

After seasoning the chicken once more, the chicken is fried for five to six minutes at 160C to 165C before being placed in a preheated oven at 80C.

The chicken is then given an extra 90-second fry before being served up.

If you're missing KFC, then this could be a recipe for you.

Those who have already attempted the recipe themselves were keen to share their own creations online, with one person calling the dish “top notch”.

We now know what we’ll be doing this weekend.

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