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How many kids do Zac Hanson and his wife Kate have?

FORMER teen idol Zac Hanson has been married to his wife Kate for more than a decade, and the couple have been in love since they first set eyes on each other 20 years ago.

The couple, who met when they were just teenagers, recently announced that they're expecting their fifth child.

How many kids do Zac Hanson and his wife Kate have?

Zac and Kate Hanson have four children together with one on the way.

On January 15, the couple announced they're expecting their fifth child, a baby boy.

"We're so happy and thankful for the things 2020 got right, especially this little guy coming in March! 💙 Here's to fresh starts and new beginnings," Zac, 35, tells PEOPLE of the pregnancy news.

Their other children include Mary Lucille Diana, 4, George Abraham Walker, 7, Junia Rosa Ruth, 10, and John Ira Shepherd, 12.

The news of Zac and Kate's new baby marks the 15th child among the Hanson brothers who also include Taylor, 37, and Isaac, 40.

"It's a cool thing," Zac said of their children all growing up together while appearing on the Lorraine talk show in February 2019.

"We spend a lot of time together touring, in the studio and around each other, so our kids know each other really, really well. They're really, really close."

How long have Zac and Kate been married?

Zac married his longtime sweetheart Kate Tucker in June 2006 after five years of dating.

The two tied the knot in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The couple is planning an intimate ceremony with close family and friends,” publicist Kate McNeil informed the Associated Press.

A Hanson fan blogger claimed that Zac and brother Taylor are both in open marriages.

“Both Zac & Taylor are in open marriages. Taylor is still with his lady and he’s never been more happier than ever. (Not talking about natalie)," they wrote.

"Zac was but they broke things off. my opinion I think its great they both can be with other people & their wives have no say in it."

Zac, wife Kate, Taylor and his wife Natalie have not commented on the subject before.

What is Zac Hanson's net worth?

Zac has a net worth of $20million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Zac played drums and backing vocals in Hanson when the group formed in 1992.

Hanson's first single, MMMBop from their album Middle of Nowhere topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart, thus making Hanson one of the youngest artists to ever have a number one single.

At age 12, he was the second youngest person to be nominated for a Grammy award behind Michael Jackson.

Nowadays, the group is still touring despite having released their last album in 2018.

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