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How many kids do Heidi and Spencer Pratt have?

HEIDI Montag and Spencer Pratt, the stars from The Hills: News Beginnings, have new ambitious plans for their family

In the midst of the reboot season release, Heidi and Spencer are taking a new route for their family.

How many kids do Heidi and Spencer have?

Heidi and Spencer are parents to Gunner Stone who was born in October 2017.

“I love having a son. It’s so much fun. So if we have another boy, we’ll probably have three,” she said, according to People magazine.

On Gunner Stone’s first birthday in 2018, Heidi was emotional and said explained how it has been one of the most challenging years of her life

“I can’t believe he’s already 1! … Bit emotional today, it’s a big day. And I’m just really thankful. I hope you guys are all having a great day. And I’m just going to sit here crying,” she said at the time, according to People Magazine.

Are Heidi and Spencer trying for a second child?

Heidi and Spencer have been excited about expanding their family. Heidi previously told E! News that she would be happy to have another child.

Heidi said the couple is ready to get pregnant as soon as they get the green light from MTV.

“I asked MTV when would be the best time [to get pregnant] and they said, ‘Right around January!’ ” Heidi told Page Six. “That’s when I wanted it anyway, so it works out perfectly because we’re not filming.”

On the couple's wedding anniversary in April, The Hills star Heidi broke down in tears as she admitted she's 'trying for another child with her husband Spencer Pratt.

In an Instagram story, she said "Oh...! And what a blessing to have Gunner... trying for another one... healthy - so thankful."

Her heartfelt speech comes just a few days after the 34-year-old was 'bodyshamed' by her sister-in-law, Stephanie Pratt.

Stephanie, 35, claimed Heidi looked 'pregnant' in a bikini snap.

How long have Heidi and Spencer been married?

In an emotional post on her Instagram stories, Heidi told her followers: "Oh my gosh, I realize it's Spencer and I's 12-year wedding anniversary.

"We don't count the one in November cause that's when we eloped, but this is our legal Hills wedding and I was just getting all emotional cause we've been together for 14 years...

"Been through so much and love each other - [we've] become stronger and better..."

Does the couple have financial struggles?

Heidi and Spencer have admitted that they blew through their $10 million in two years.

The couple amassed millions of dollars during their time on The Hills and have since starred in several other reality shows trying to earn back their wealth.

Spencer said he made up to $175,000 per episode while shooting The Hills, and the couple was making up to $2 million a year from paid appearances and photoshoots.

At their peak the couple was worth $10 million combined.

However, by the time the show ended they were broke after spending their fortune on things including: $1 million on Heidi’s luxury designer wardrobe, a full staff which cost up to $15,000 for a night out, boujee dinners with $3,000 bottles of wine and Spencer’s crystal collection which he estimates he spent up to $1 million.

The couple blew through millions of dollars in two years while in their 20s.

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