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How Hull woman transformed £140 caravan into pink haven on a budget

A 22-year-old Hull woman has completely transformed a caravan she purchased for £140 on Facebook Marketplace into a pink haven - and this is the result.

Angel White, of west Hull, started her business, Angels Delights, in October 2020, and now runs her growing business from a caravan she bought in February.

Angel, who lives at home with her parents in west Hull has told how she purchased her now pink-themed caravan and set about transforming the inside into a pink haven.

She says when she bought it from Facebook Marketplace it was in "almost perfect condition" but did have a "tiny bit of mould".

"I spent about one week giving it a deep clean and then another week completely renovating it."

"I painted everything myself. My mum dyed the curtains pink for me and I bought cheap pink throws from Morrison’s to cut up and wrap around the seat cushions to cover up the beige.

"It probably cost me another £200/£250 to buy the paint and decorations so it was done on a budget."

See what Angel's caravan looked like before, during and after its pink transformation: