A Hovis baker who tried to get £280,000 out of his old bosses with a fake disability claim will now have to pay £40,000 in court costs. 

Yacob Adan, 45, cried in a bid to convince the court that a March 2014 workplace fall had left him with ‘mild brain damage’.

He also claimed that he had fallen unconscious after tripping over a bolt in the floor, and went on to suffer persistent pain in his back and his right arm, leading to depression. 

The dad tried to sue for compensation to cover the seven years he said he has been unable to work due to the accident, along with childcare costs, claiming he could no longer look after his kids.

Premier Foods Plc, the parent company which used to own Hovis, said Mr Adan was ‘exaggerating’ his symptoms in a ‘fraudulent’ effort to score some money. 

Judge Heather Baucher has accepted the company’s version of events, slamming Mr Adam for coming to court with a crutch, ‘swaying in an unnatural manner’ and crying in front of her as part of his act. 

‘I find that he attended court using a crutch and moaned, groaned and grimaced in the forlorn hope that I would be persuaded that he has been physically incapacitated as a direct result of this accident,’ she said. 

A video, revealed at last month’s hearing, showed Mr Adan using his right arm which was supposedly injured to carry shopping, balance himself with a handrail on a bus, and care for his children. 

He was also seen walking without any help for an hour-and-a-half, despite claiming he needed a crutch to walk more than 50 metres at a time. 

The prosecution said this video showed he had told ‘lies time and time again’ and had not suffered from his fall at the Kent bakery the way he was claiming he had. 

The defence insisted that the footage actually showed Mr Adan favouring his left hand, despite being right-handed, and ‘moving sluggishly’. 

But Central London County Court has since rejected this interpretation, finding that Mr Adan was moving ‘at ease’ without a crutch. 

Judge Baucher also found that the video proved he had not had to rely on childcare because he had ‘sole responsibility’ for his kids and had used ‘fabricated documents’ as part of his ‘dishonest’ claim. 

She said: ‘[Mr Adan] maintained he couldn’t use his arm properly. There is no evidence to support that contention.

‘I find that he has deliberately exaggerated and that he has no present physical or psychiatric disability that is related to the accident.

‘I am satisfied that he has been fundamentally dishonest in relation to the primary claim.’

She went on to tell Mr Adan that he would normally have been entitled to £6,000 for his genuine injury – falling over and breaking his collarbone. 

But, due to his dishonest actions, Judge Baucher decided to kick his case out completely. 

Instead of getting compensation for his fall, Mr Adan is now being forced to pay Premier Foods Plc’s legal bill which is thought to be just over £40,000. 

He could also face contempt of court charges which could could carry a two-year jail sentence.

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