A woman who says she is paid by her husband for doing housework is calling on other women to live 'like it's the 1950s'.

Alena Pettitt says she spends her days cooking, baking, washing and ironing for her family and receives an allowance from her partner in return.

Mother-of-one Alena claims she has embraced the role of a traditional 1950s housewife and says her husband is the most important person in the house - above herself and their son.

Alena, from Cheltenham, Glos., met her marketing high-flyer husband in 2008 when the pair were both working in London.

Despite having a promising career, 34-year-old Alena says her managerial marketing role in the beauty industry made her tired and miserable, often causing arguments between the couple.

She gave up work and wants other women to do the same

Unhappy in the working world, Alena eventually quit her job and found she loved looking after the home whilst her husband worked.

She now lives the life of a traditional 1950s housewife and is encouraging other women to do the same.

Speaking on episode three of the Real Fix podcast, Alena said: "I eventually quit my job because I was so unhappy.

"While searching for another job, my partner was financially supporting me and I was looking after the home.

"Something just clicked, and we realised that this lifestyle of me caring for the home whilst he went to work, really suited us and we were both so much happier.”

Despite loving her new role at home, Alena did make the sacrifice of returning to work in order to help fund the couple's dream of having a baby and getting married.

She loves her new lifestyle

But after falling pregnant with their son in 2011 and walking down the aisle in 2013, Alena quit her job for good and took on her dream role as a 'tradwife' by working in the home.

Alena's new lifestyle sees her “creating a haven” for her family at home, and in return for her hard work, she is rewarded with an allowance by her husband to buy groceries.

She said: "It's like with any business, you set aside a certain amount of money for each department. So my husband gives me a set amount of money for my department of housekeeping.

"That money is for groceries and essentials for the house, but once it's in my bank account, that money is mine. So if I'm frugal with what I buy, then there's money left over for me to treat myself.

"If there's a big purchase I want, like a new winter coat that costs a couple of hundred pounds, then I'll tell my husband.

"Sometimes he does have to say we don't have the budget for that, if the car insurance is due for instance, so I have to wait a few months.”

Alena says she has always dreamed of being a traditional British housewife and admired women such as Doris Day when she was growing up.

She’s now encouraging other women to live like her and has set up her own blog called The Darling Academy - a community of women who value the role of a traditional housewife.

Alena added: “I wanted to set up The Darling Academy because we don’t have domestic sciences at school anymore.

“Most people have to go out to work, but absolutely everybody needs to run a household - so I think we should be learning more of those skills.

“I want to provide a place where someone can learn old school homemaking skills.”