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Horrifying moment 6ft 7in road rage thug drags motorist out of car and batters him for ‘making rude gesture’

THIS is the horrifying moment a 6ft7in thug dragged a motorist out of his car before battering him on the road for making a rude gesture.

Dashcam footage shows furious Stephen Carr, 44, jumping out of his truck on Barnsley's Engine Lane after a near-miss at a roundabout last November.

Hotheaded Carr forced the victim to pull over before dragging him onto the road by the struck of his neck.

Cops said it was one of the most troubling road rage attacks they'd ever seen.

The driver who recorded the footage said: "His victim had apparently given him the w*nker signal as he went round a roundabout.

"When we eventually caught up with him we couldn’t believe what happened.

"It was said to me by a long serving member of South Yorkshire Police that having viewed it, this is the worst incident of road rage ever captured on video.

"This was, in my opinion a totally unprovoked and sustained attack by an aggressive man who believes that he’s above the law.

"My wife was the only person initially to intervene and attempt to stop the assault, many more members of the public simply chose to slow down in order to rubberneck and then drive away."

Carr, of Grimethorpe, was jailed for 16 months and handed a 20-month driving ban after he was convicted of assault occasioning actual bodily harm at Sheffield Crown Court on November 27.

He was also ordered to pay his victim £140.