Johnson’s dire failure

Today’s easing of lockdown restrictions in England should be cause for celebration but sadly it is marred by concern about the rise of the Indian variant of Covid-19.

These fears have led the First Minister in Wales, Mark Drakeford, to pause further relaxations in his country.

The British people deserve an apology from Boris Johnson for his failure to adequately protect the whole of the UK.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says he is increasingly confident that vaccines will work against the super-transmissible strain. We can only hope he isn’t wrong this time.

His previous claims – including that he would put a protective ring around care homes – proved to be shamefully wide of the mark.

Many people hope life can return to some normality this summer.

This should still be possible if vaccines do indeed give them protection from the variant.

If not, then arch-blunderer Johnson will have yet more serious questions to answer.

Hopefully the coronavirus vaccine works against the Indian strain
Hopefully the coronavirus vaccine works against the Indian strain

Tackling thugs

Violence against women is an outrage that can and must be ended.

The killing this year of Sarah Everard sparked a wave of public anger yet her death is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Labour Party deserves credit for devising policies to keep women safe and to tackle the thuggery of those cowardly men who intimidate, bully, beat and murder.

Only when all decent people stand together to insist this violence won’t be tolerated, and police and courts act as one, will our homes and streets be as safe as they should be.

Mighty Marcus

Inspirational Marcus Rashford dreamed big and made it happen as an England footballer – and as a successful campaigner to feed hungry children.

With superb skills on and off the pitch, the Manchester lad is a champion who deserves nothing but praise for encouraging more youngsters to also aim for the stars.