ITV's Honour concluded on Tuesday night and viewers were in floods of tears as they watched the courtroom result in the emotional finale.

The jury found Banaz' father and uncle guilty of her harrowing murder as they killed her in cold blood for leaving her abusive husband and falling in love with someone else.

Believing she brought shame on her Iraqui Kurdish family, Banaz' father, uncle and two cousins subjected her to rape, torture and a slow death in 2006.

The ITV dramatisation fronted by Keeley Hawes depicted the police's struggle to obtain justice for Banaz, while they battle their guilt that no one helped her before she was killed aged 20.

Honour concluded tonight

Banaz had gone to the police five times before her murder, explicitly telling them she suspected her family was going to kill her and asking how they could protect her.

In the heartbreaking scenes, Banaz' terrified sister Payzee testified against her family, including her father, implicating them in Banaz' murder.

The jury then read out its verdict, Banaz' father Mahmod Mahmod, and uncle Ari Mahmod were both convicted of murder.

DCI Caroline Goode, who was played by Keeley Hawes, hugged and cradled Payzee after the verdict was read out, while Banaz' devastated boyfriend Rahmat Sulemani sobbed.

Viewers were left in tears
Banaz had been to the police five times before her murder

The show then revealed at the end that Caroline's work did not stop there, and she had Banaz' cousins Mohamoud Ali and Omar Hussein, who were also involved in the murder, extradited from Iraq and face justice in the UK.

One viewer tweeted: "Literally in tears. Crying for that beautiful young woman whose life was cruelly snatched away, for the sister who will never get over it, for the young man who couldn’t bear to live without her. Difficult watch but the message is clear - this had nothing to do with #Honour".

Viewers felt justice had been served
Banaz' father Mahmod Mahmod, and uncle Ari Mahmod were both convicted of murder

Another wrote: "I am in tears, justice has been served I feel for her sister #honour".

"I’ve just watched #honour, most of it through tears. I feel sick to my stomach..!!! That poor girl, it horrifies me to think that women are still going through this..!!! #ripBanaz," added a third.

"I feel numb & I am not sure if I should start crying. What a devastating story. Caroline Goode was & is so amazing. She brought justice to Banaz. And everyone who had the courage to speak up did, too. That series was so important to keep her name alive. #honour," penned a fourth.

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