An Italian town is selling homes for €1 each - or about 85p - in an effort to get people to move there.

Bivona on the island of Sicily has seen its population fall to just 3,800 - roughly half as many people as lived there 40 years ago - and is keen to start growing again.

So, to try and bring some life to the sleepy country town they decided to discount some of the homes there.

The idea is to take empty homes, and sell them on for a symbolic amount to people who will care for them again.

"One Euro Houses are uninhabited and in a bad condition," the local authority explains.

"They are owned by private citizens who have no interest in restoring these buildings."

The town sits between a lake and the mountains, surrounded by woodlands

Once you get the house, to keep it you need to start work renovating it within a year. You also need to offer a €2,500 (£2,130) security deposit to show you're serious about brining the homes back to a livable condidion.

You then have four years to get the home into a condition to be used again.

But you don't need to live there - with options like turning the home into a shop or hotel also accepted.

"[The] Bivona – One Euro Houses project aims to restore and improve buildings located in the Bivona Old Town, restoring its historical role as a centre for culture and living," the local authority site explains.

"The project also wants to improve the number of people living there, tourist activities, commercial businesses and shops."

Houses in the centre are available for a little more, but need less work
You can use the properties for anything you like - from shops to B&Bs

The town itself is a rural paradise - nestled between Castello Lake and the rocky peak of Roses Mountain and just six miles form the Mediterranean sea.

Founded in 1160 AD, you reach Bivona it by travelling through oak and pine woodlands rich in wildlife.

But while tranquil, that's not to say it lacks life - with regular concerts and a rich tradition of local foods.

"The fresh mountain air, the abundance of pristine rivers and stream water, the dense forests full of healing herbs and the colourful fruit orchards make it prosperous and healthy," Mayor Milko Cinà told CNN .

"Life quality is good, it's an optimal place to detox."

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The €1 homes on sale include 18th-century houses built for farmers and shepherds with wooden doors, tiled roofs and thick stone walls - some even come have terraces with panoramic views.

You can register your interest by emailing:  [email protected]

All useful documents can be downloaded from the Municipality of Bivona home page or from the Città di Bivona Facebook page .