A homeowner sparked fury after erecting a skeleton strip club in her front garden for Halloween. Angela Nava, from Richmond in Texas, decorated her yard with model skeletons in candy-colored wigs clinging to metal poles, and has branded the ghoulish adult venue ‘The Candy Shop.’

Nava’s creative efforts include three model skeletons in candy-colored wigs hanging from polls, just like human strippers would. She has also set up a ‘bouncer’ skeleton, complete with security hat, guest list – and his hands outstretched as if to warn prospective visitors that they cannot come in.

Also displayed is a gold sunglasses wearing skeleton flashing a fake dollar bill at the ‘strippers,’ and a customer receiving a lap dance from a skeletal stripper while his beer sits on a nearby table.



Nava’s friends branded the display ‘creative and clever’ – but her local homeowners association has branded it obscene, and told her to remove it.

The amateur home decorator is appalled by the warning, and told WTNH: ‘I believe we live in the greatest country in the entire world.

‘And we do have the right to self-expression and creativity. And this is my way of being creative and having an outlet. There’s no harm. I’m not hurting anyone.’

Nava was told earlier this week that she must remove the ‘strip club’ within 30 days – and she says she is absolutely fine with that, because Halloween will be long-finished by then anyway.

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