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Homeowner paints ‘welcome to hell’ in huge letters on house in protest at train station next door that ‘ruined his life’

A HOMEOWNER who claims a new train station next to his house "ruined his life" has painted the words "welcome to hell" on the side of his home.

Hefin Jones, 53, emblazoned the words in large capital letters after authorities "never listened" to his concerns about the station in Ceredigian, mid Wales.

Hefin objected to plans for the station from the start, but is now neighbours with a railway platform, car park, bus stop, electricity sub-station and cycle racks.

The frustrated homeowner now hopes to embarrass authorities involved, saying the multi-million-pound development of Bow Street station "destroyed" his quality of life.

Hefin said: "It is hell. At 5.15am the first train comes in and wakes me up with the beep beep of the doors and the engines.

"I may as well be sleeping on the platform. I have to deal with the PA announcements and all the noise.

"I had meetings with them but my concerns were never listened to.

"I will have to live with this station on my doorstep for the foreseeable future, but it has destroyed what is supposed to be a family home.

"I have been talking to them about my concerns since the start and they pretend they listen, but nothing is done."


Scaffolder Hefin's "Welcome To Hell" message will greet passengers to the brand new platform at Bow Street Station.

He said daubing his property was to "embarrass" the authorities after becoming "frustrated" that his concerns were not listened to.

The first train rolled into the station to much fanfare from transport chiefs, politicians and councillors last weekend.

After preliminary work began in November 2019, a frustrated Hefin painted a sign on a wall near the site in big letters saying 'NO STATION'.

It is hell. At 5.15am the first train comes in and wakes me up with the beep beep of the doors and the engines.

Hefin Jones

He also said a public footpath now surrounds his home, with a car park right next to the garden - "totally impinging on my family's privacy".

He added that he had renovated the house but "no-one will buy it as family home now".

A spokesperson for Transport for Wales said: "We're really proud to have opened Bow Street station and have welcomed the overwhelmingly positive response from the local community.

"TfW staff and partner agencies working on the development have engaged with Mr Jones throughout the project.

"As a result of these discussions and as a gesture of goodwill, TfW has undertaken several areas of work to Mr Jones' property.

"Our community engagement team remain available to Mr Jones to talk about any further concerns he may have following the opening of the station this month.

"Bow Street station will benefit the local community by reducing congestion and parking issues in the area, having first been identified in 2010 as an opportunity offering value for money and with strong local support."

Homeowner furious after developers put bonkers fence outside garage door leaving him just 3ft access

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