Homeless people have been sleeping in a car park classed as "temporary homeless shelters," laying six-feet-apart to comply with coronavirus social distancing rules.

Las Vegas, Nevada has faced backlash and criticism after reportedly setting up the shelters in a parking lot.

The measures were taken after popular facility, Catholic Charities' homeless shelter was forced to shut down after a homeless man tested positive for coronavirus.

CNN reports this left 500 homeless people scrambling for a new place to stay.

Following this, the homeless people were taken to the parking lot of Cashman Centre, despite Las Vegas's numerous empty hotels and casinos.

Homeless people sleep in a temporary parking lot

The car park was initially laid with carpet, however this was removed.

Now 117 people are forced to sleep on the hard concrete floor, which has been marked lines to ensure people stay at least six-feet-apart to avoid spreading COVID-19.

The carpet was removed as it was difficult to disinfect.

David Riggleman, communications director for the City of Las Vegas said: "We found that it was very difficult to disinfect and clean.

Spaces have been marked to ensure people stay six-feet-apart

"We had asked for sleeping mats, which we use at the Courtyard, and those can be disinfected easily. But there were none to be had."

Images of the homeless people sleeping on the concrete floor have caused a backlash on Twitter, with many expressing their disgust at the situation.

A Mancino Williams wrote: "Nevada, a state in one of the richest countries in the world, has painted social-distancing boxes on a concrete parking lot for the homeless to sleep in."

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Another user said: "Every hotel in Las Vegas is empty and somehow state officials think half of a parking spot on concrete is where the homeless should wait this one out.

"The government should temporarily seize hotels in Vegas and let the homeless stay there to slow the spread."

Mr Riggleman added they could not use the actual Cashman Centre as it was taken up by hospital space.

He also said: "I think our entire country has seen the fact that we can't manage this situation that we are in. It's not just the homeless.

"This has overwhelmed our resources everywhere and I think everybody is doing the best they can".