A man has spoken out after a picture of him went viral on social media.

Phil Berkshire says he is 'overwhelmed' after being offered a job after spending two years living on the streets.

He has been offered employment on a trial basis at the Car Wash Leeds after bosses saw a picture of him on Instagram.

The image showed Phil sitting outside of a Tesco store with a cardboard sign saying he was looking for work.

Phil told LeedsLive: "I feel like things are looking up finally. It's fantastic how the people of North Leeds have supported me. It's been a bit overwhelming to be honest.

"I really appreciate it. The Car Wash have given me a chance to try and better myself."

Phil said he has been homeless for two years, after suffering an electrical house fire and his mother dying in the same year.

He's been living in a tent in Gledhow Woods, until recently, when he decided he wanted to get out of the situation.

He made a sign reading 'I need a job. Any work will be appreciated', and took it with him and his dog to sit outside the big Tesco in Roundhay.

"I didn't want to have another year in the cold, because it was really bad," Phil said.

The viral Instagram post
The viral Instagram post

"My dog has been my lifeline - if I'd had another year in the tent in Gledhow Woods I wouldn't have been able to carry on anymore. I would have just given up."

Luckily, Leeds yoga teacher Gerda Bayliss posted a photo of Phil on Friday, encouraging her followers to share and help find him a job.

The post eventually received nearly 12 thousand likes.

Leeds company the Car Wash saw Phil's plea on social media, and decided to go find him and give him a chance.

They got him a haircut, food and new clothes, and most importantly - have employed him on a trial basis at the Car Wash.

Phil started work yesterday, and is over the moon to be employed.

He said: "I took the opportunity with both hands, I'm so happy.

"I was shattered after my first day because I haven't worked for so long - I'm not used to it and being on my feet all day. But I'm loving it and getting on with it."

Phil has also been able to sort out some temporary accommodation while he gets back on his feet.

A spokesperson for the Car Wash Leeds said: "He's really trying. We're just trying to give him an opportunity. If we can help him out then why not?"

The spokesperson added that the response they have had to Phil's situation has been overwhelming, with many people getting in touch to offer him supplies.

The Car Wash are hoping to build on the response to create a network to help more homeless people in future.

Phil said: "It's been like stepping back into the real world. I've looked so down and out and now I'm so grateful to feel like me again.

"The future seems a little bit brighter for myself."