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Home Bargains brings back its sell-out heated clothes dryer

HOME Bargains’ sell-out heated clothes dryer is back in stores - and customers can’t wait to try it out.

The popular £34.99 appliance quickly disappeared from shelves the last time it went on sale.

But the nifty gadget is back in some stores, with Home Bargains confirming that more stock is ready to be shipped out nationwide.

It's good news for bargain hunters, as Home Bargains' version is £25 cheaper than an identical appliance from Lakeland, which costs £59.99.

The Home Bargains dryer can hold 10kg of washing and measures 152cm by 62cm in size.

To use it, unzip the cover and place your washing inside on hangers. Zip it back up, and the cover will then keep the heat inside to get your clothes dry.

Sadly, the dryers are currently sold out online - but you can try your luck in stores.

Excited shoppers have already spotted them on sale in several Home Bargains branches.

Posting on the Home Bargains Appreciation Society Facebook page, one customers asked: "Has anyone purchased this? I'd like to know if they are worth it before I purchase. Thanks."

Another shopper replied: "I have one and it's brill. I use mine all the time especially for drying my kids uniform."

A second commented: "I’ve got a similar one, and it dries clothes quickly, I choose to use this over my tumble dryer."

To avoid disappointment, we’d recommend calling your nearest Home Bargains first to check if they have any in stock.

Home Bargains has more than 500 stores across the UK - use the online finder tool to locate your closest shop.

Running an electric dryer will be cheaper than using a tumble dryer, but it will still add extra costs to your energy bills in the long-run.

Drying clothes indoors can also cause mould due to the extra moisture in the air, so it's best to place it in a room where you can leave a window open.

Home Bargains first started selling this heated clothes dryer in October 2019.

Last month, Aldi sold a heated clothes airer at a cheaper price - but this is now sold out.

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