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Hollyoaks’ Sid actor Billy Price warns Juliet is in danger after ‘falling in love’ with Jordan’s drug dealing lifestyle

HOLLYOAKS' Billy Price has warned Juliet is in danger after "falling in love" with villain Jordan's drug dealing lifestyle.

The teen is being drawn further into the crime boss's murky world as he looks to flood the village with drugs through a county lines operation.

Billy, who plays Sid Sumner in the soap, told Digital Spy: "Juliet is looking up to him and giving him more attention than she gives to Sid. Sid is feeling a bit jealous and worried about what might happen next.

"She's being manipulated, so Sid does try to warn Juliet that it's not a good idea.

"He thinks she needs to watch herself and watch out for Jordan. But she gets manipulated, she falls in love with that lifestyle and she's trapped in this bubble. Trying to get her out of it is very difficult."

This week viewers predicted that Sid and Juliet are going to have to sell drugs for ruthless Jordan after they flushed his £500 stash down the loo.

The pair were caught off guard by a locker search at school and left with no choice but to get rid of the drugs.

Before they left for school in the morning, Jordan reminded Sid exactly how to hide the drugs once he arrived.

Little did Sid know that Nancy had called in PC George Kiss to conduct a locker search after she was stabbed in the school playground last month.

Unsure of what to do, he asked Juliet who was passing by to help him out of the sticky situation.

The teenager distracted PC Kiss, so Sid could take the drugs out of his locker, before sneakily handing them to Juliet once the headteacher and police officer were out of the way.

But things took a disastrous turn when Juliet revealed she had flushed the drugs down the toilet - leaving Sid panicking about what Jordan will do.

Juliet insisted that Sid could leave Jordan to her, but he was not convinced.

But when the dealer told her she has to pay back the £500 the drugs had cost him, viewers peculated what that would mean for the Juliet and Sid.

One predicted: "Now Juliet is going to have to sell the drugs it's the only way she will be able to pay Jordan back."

Another added: "Sid's in trouble now."

And even the official Hollyoaks account tweeted: "Jordan has got Juliet right where he wants her..."

Sid's cousin Jordan arrived in the village a few months ago and has been trying to infiltrate the school as a drug dealer.

His first attempt went badly wrong after the boy who was helping him ended up stabbing Nancy, so he has turned closer to home for help.

As well as asking Sid, he has been supporting Juliet who has grown to trust him.

Juliet tells Jordan she flushed his drug stash down the toilet in Hollyoaks