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Holly Willoughby leaves fans ‘puking’ as she says hot tubs are filled with ‘a spoon of poo’ in This Morning debate

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HOLLY Willoughby left This Morning fans felling sick today after she revealed hot tubs are filled with "a spoon of poo".

The 39-year-old star pulled out the funny fact in a debate over whether Brits splashing out on hot tubs in lockdown is tacky.

But viewers were left disgusted after Lizzie Cundy, 50, told them to invite their neighbours over for a dip - before Holly revealed "the science".

But she added: "So I did a bit of research and the science says after an average of four people taking a dip in there, there is a build up of grease and grime and bio waste.

"The water ends up with an average of a spoon of poo."

But Lizzie clapped back: "When your hot tub is clean like mine is there's nothing wrong, it's luxurious and fun."

However, critic William Hanson wasn't having any of it and said: "I'd rather roll around in the mud outside. I'd probably be cleaner."

Lizzie then admitted she had once weed in Anthea Turner's shower after William suggested that she had probably urinated in the tub.

She said: "You're like the fun police Will!

"There's nothing wrong with (weeing in the shower) and I know everyone has once done it. It was Anthea Turner's shower and I was in a rush to get to the show.

"I'm not weeing in the hot tub. I don't because I've got the loo next door.

"But look there's plenty of bubbles, it's fun, it's perfect."

After the chat, fans flooded Twitter with puking emojis after hearing Holly's fact.

One said: "Who wants to sit in a pool of poo crumbs, toe jam, pee etc all heated up and pushed round repeatedly? 🤢"

But Holly later told viewers: "I was just following the science."

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